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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Alabama's Superhuman Roster: QB's

This Season:

AJ McCarron is entering his 5th year Senior season at Alabama, his 3rd year as the starting QB and leader of the team. He has 3 total National Championship rings, 2 as a starter, and could leave Alabama with more rings than any other QB in college football history. He already deserves to be discussed as one of the best to ever play at Alabama, and I think could go down as THAT GUY if he does it all again and even if he doesn't. AJ is a very underrated player in some circles. From the beginning of his time at Bama, he's had to fight off the Alabama QB reputation as a Game Manager who didn't do much more than hand the ball off to great running backs behind a great line and just not mess up. AJ has always been more than that and now it's obvious, he's poised to become much more than that. I think he already has proven himself to be a game changer and a superstar that can take over a game and make plays. He's taken his team down the field and won at every huge opportunity thus far. I think he will have a long career in the NFL and I think there is no doubt he is at the very LEAST the best QB to play for Bama since the 60's.

Behind him, it's a huge confusion of talent. It's not a bad thing though. Alec Morris is the guy that I think will go into this season as the immediate backup and heir apparent to AJ. However, Cooper Bateman and Luke Del Rio are both very highly talented 4 star prospects that will be true freshman this season. I believe they will both redshirt, along with another true freshman, Parker McCleod. I see McCleod as a career backup, but you never know. Blake Sims is also still around as a situational backup.


10 AJ McCarron
6'4" 220
St. Paul's. Mobile, AL
3 time National Champion. 25-2 as a starter.
4 Star Recruit. Scout #17. Rivals #7. ESPN #4

2012 Stats
2,933 Passing Yards
30 TD's
3 INT's

Here is video of AJ being the best player on the field in the BCS National Championship Game against Notre Dame.


14 Blake Sims 
6'0" 200 
Gainesville. Gainsville, GA.
4 Star Recruit. Scout #42WR. Rivals #33ATH

2012 Stats
77 Passing Yards

Blake is the veteran backup to AJ, but I just don't see him being the pocket passer that we would need as the main guy if AJ went down, or after AJ leaves. I think that will be the next guy.


11 Alec Morris  
6'3" 240
Allen. Allen, TX.
3 Star Recruit. Rivals #30. Scout #37

Alec has the inside track to take over for AJ at this point. He came in a little under the radar last fall and impressed everyone in practice. Has a HUGE arm and is a smart guy and a leader. He will have a couple of stud freshmen to hold off next spring, but right now he is AJ's immediate relief.


This year, we brought in 3 guys who will be true freshmen. Luke Del Rio is a preferred walk on. He was an Elite 11 QB, a 4 star recruit, one of the top 10 QB's in the country. He had scholarship offers from dozens of big schools, but chose to pay his own way at Bama instead. It's like Bear Bryant is recruiting for this team again, but better.               

18 Cooper Bateman 
6'3" 200
Salt Lake, UT
4 Star Recruit. Top 5 in the country.

15 Parker McCleod
6'3" 190
Marietta, GA
3 Star Recruit. 

14 Luke Del Rio
6'2" 190
Littleton, CO
4 Star Recruit.

The Future:

Looking ahead to next spring, we are poised to have one of the all time great competitions for the position. We are going to have Morris and Sims back, and Morris will have the most experience. But he will have to hold off Bateman and Del Rio, who will no doubt be ready to try and take it from Alec. 

Also at that time, we will have yet ANOTHER stud QB to add to the mix. David Cornwell is the best high school quarterback in America this year, and will enroll early at Alabama. So he will be there too.

Whoever takes over after AJ leaves is guaranteed to be a super talented guy with all the ability to continue our championship winning and heart breaking ways. Unfortunately, I'm sure we will also see the transfer of one or more of these big time QB's. But that's just life when you are the best program in the country and all the top guys want to play for you. There just isn't room for every potential future Hall Of Famer that wants to be a part of the Crimson Tide. 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Derrick Henry Q & A

Derrick Henry is a 6'3" 240 lb running back who will be a true freshman this year at Alabama. He holds the all time high school rushing record.

Derrick is not only a crowd pleaser on football fields, but he's also a fan pleaser on Twitter. Recently, Derrick has taken questions from fans and posted the questions and answers on Twitter for all to see. 

Why number 3?

That's what Coach Saban gave me.

Are you religious?

I believe in God.

Speed or power?

Power! (I love his emphasis on that with the exclamation point)

Gimme the top 3 or 4 teams in college football.

BAMA is all I'm worried about.

Do you always thank your linemen?

YES, they are the heart and soul of the offense.

How did you increase your bench over the years?

I do ALOT of pushups.

What grade did you get your first college offer?


Love to win or hate to lose?

Hate to lose.

Will your leg be 100% before the season starts?


What team you want to go to in the NFL?


What is your favorite movie?

Love And Basketball.

What's TJ looking like this year?

Better than last year.

Who is your best friend on the team?

Jalston Fowler.

Who is the fastest on the team?

B Sylve.

What do you think about the Florida Gators?

They are a college team. (LOL)

What would you like the student section to do when you score a TD?

Throw them 3's up!

What do you like most about being at Bama?

Continuing the tradition.

What does it take to be a part of the Crimson Tide?

Discipline, commitment, toughness, effort, and pride.

Are you going to stay at Bama for 4 years?

However long it takes to get a degree.

This guy is really gonna be something if he works hard and wants it bad enough.


Monday, June 17, 2013

Alabama Football: June 17, 2013

Recruiting Never Stops.

Since the beginning of the month, Alabama has gotten 6 really good commitments for the Class of 2014.

I'll start with my favorite of the bunch.

Cornwell is 6'5" 230 lbs, from North High School in Norman, Oklahoma. This is what happens when you talk shit about us, Bob Stoops. We take the top player in the country right out of your back yard. 

David's HS coach Wayne Standley had the following to say:

"Coach Saban runs a first class organization. They do things the right way. David is a very quick learner. He is constantly striving to get better. It's a good situation for him and the University Of Alabama"

Cornwell's biggest strengths are his size and arm strength. Those are things that can't be taught. His weaknesses are easily teachable things, accuracy and consistency.

He said the he is very happy to be done with the recruitment process and that he will be back on visits to Tuscaloosa to help recruit other top players to join his class to Bama.

It's gonna be an unbelievable battle to see who takes over for AJ McCarron next spring. Alec Morris will be returning with the most experience but he will have to compete with two other 4 star QB's, Cooper Bateman and Luke Del Rio, as well as Cornwell.

I think a couple of guys are gonna transfer before or after next season and either way we will have a couple of great options to carry on with as we learn to deal with life without AJ. 

Kief is 6'5" 200 lbs, from Cincinnati, OH. Nick Saban is STILL taking Urban Meyer's lunch money. 

If you can watch that video and not IMMEDIATELY fall in love with this kid, then you need to go root for Auburn or something. Derek said he was tired of cold weather and wanted to play down here and not in Ohio. He spurned Ohio State! That's always awesome, now that Urb is up there.

Julio Jones wasn't the end of superstar WR's at Bama. He was the beginning.

  • One of the top 10 Offensive Centers in the nation, JC Hassenauer.

JC is 6'3" 295 lbs, from Woodbury, MN. We got players all over AMERICA wanting to come play for the Tide!

6'3" 285. Corona, CA

Denver, CO. We bad. We nationwide.

Anytime a team offers a scholarship to a kicker, you know he's good. And Saban has made a point of giving scholarships to top kickers and it's worked out so far.

6'3" 295, Rochelle, GA.

Yet another player that cited being comfortable and winning as his reason for loving Alabama. 

News And Notes

Alabama has put a waterfall in their locker room. Because NOBODY ELSE HAS IT, DO THEY? 

Recruits are eating it up. So I'm cool with it. It does sound pretty awesome and it's just another example of how Nick Saban will stop at NOTHING to continually appeal to younger recruits year in and year out.

Texas A&M AD, Eric Hyman, cracked a joke at a booster event: "What does the moon and Texas A&M have in common? We control the Tide".

Apparently this man has not read his history books. He did see what Saban did to Timothy Richard Tebow in 2009, after losing to Tebow the year before. 

He must not have seen what Saban did to Auburn in 2011 and 2012 after the epic 28-27 loss in 2010.

He must not have seen what we did to LSU in the BCS Championship Game rematch after losing in a BS field goal game, 9-6, in the regular season. 

When your last name is the same as a female body part, you probably should shut the hell up and not poke a stick at the lion of the jungle when you are a tiny pussy cat.

If I were head coach Kevin Sumlin, I'd be pissed that my boss is adding this offseason clutter and pressure on my program. 

And no favors are being done for Heisman celeb QB Johnny Football. The weight of the world is on his shoulders to win it all this year, and the athletic director is fueling the enemy for you.

And Johnny is cracking under the pressure!!

Nobody knows what caused it to happen, but Manziel tweeted, "Bullshit like tonight is a reason I can't wait to leave College Station. Whenever that may be."

No matter the reason, he should know better than to put that out to the public.

He then deleted that tweet and followed up with, "Don't ever forget that I love A&M with all my heart, but please please walk a day in my shoes."

Poor Johnny. I don't know how he'll ever survive.

Danny Sheridan said some ignorant garbage criticizing Nick Saban's utilization of his backup QB's. But nobody cared, so no reason to repeat it here.

Seriously, Alabama has won 3 out of the last 4 BCS national championships with Nick Saban calling the shots. I'll just continue to trust his judgment. 

Tim Brando released his Top 10 for the season. He has Louisville No. 1. Alabama's isn't Top 5.

Brando has Ohio St No. 2

Texas A&M, who he says will beat Alabama again this year, is No. 3

Stanford is No. 4

Georgia, who Timmy boy thinks will beat Alabama in the SEC Championship Game, is No. 5.


Alabama is No. 7. 

Brando is an attention whore. And he can no longer hide his disdain for the Crimson Tide and the people of Alabama. 

Go here to see an AWESOME video that will get you punped for this upcoming season. It's so easy to see that we have the greatest program ever right now.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

My Final Thoughts On The Toomer's Trees. Some Bama Fans Won't Like This

Ok, Bama fans. I hope y'all just bear with me on this one. Or don't read it, if you are sensitive to me possibly showing some respect or a positive feeling in Auburn's direction. As for my Auburn followers and friends, this one is officially for you. Some of what will follow should come as a surprise to a lot of you, but I am just going to allow myself to be completely honest with everyone tonight. This is ALL me. Eric Blackerby. With no filter or concern for what anyone might think.


So I woke up this morning (Saturday, April 20), and honestly had spent the entire previous week, thinking I was going to be as classless and mean-spirited about the trees as I could be ALL DAMN DAY. Oh, I had so many jokes. It was gonna be great. 

"Auburn fans won't have a place to hang themselves after all their losses now".

Also, I was gonna promote and laugh and joke unmercifully about Tuesday, April 23, being National Chainsaw Day. That is the day that the trees will be cut down. I was so looking forward to being a complete troll and pissing off a bunch of Barners. Most people have come to know that as one of my favorite things to do. I was so looking forward to it. And I made a few harmless jokes. I cracked on Facebook about the impossibility that Auburn would lose on the football field today, even though they are about to lose their trees. I was really anticipating reveling in the hatred I would get thrown at me and the hurt feelings I could possibly cause. If I'm being completely truthful here, I've just been MAD. I've been mad for a good while now. At Auburn. I've been mad since the 2010 [GAME THAT NEVER HAPPENED]. I've been mad that they ever won a National Championship in the first place. I had been bragging for years to my Aubie buddies that they would never win a National Title in our lifetimes. I was so offended by pretty much every outcome of the 2010 College Football Season. That season was the total opposite of everything that I ever thought was possible in College Football. And this was going to be my final gloat. That your precious trees were GONE. I really was going to be an asshole.

But I thought about a lot of things and I finally realized, for the first time, tonight, how much those big beautiful oak trees meant to so many millions of people through the years.

For those who don't know, rolling the trees at Toomer's Corner, the corner of College and Magnolia on the campus of Auburn University, after a victory (Or anything negative happening to Alabama) has always been one of the most recognized traditions in College Football, no matter what you or I think of it.


If you haven't known me since this happened, or don't know this about me, the reason I have so many followers and the reason that so many people, including Nick Saban, know who I am, is what I did at SEC Media Days in July 2011.

You can catch up on all that, if necessary, by clicking on at least one of the following links:

al.com: I Hate Auburn T-Shirt Guy

Shelby County Reporter: "I Hate Auburn" Man Returns Home

Kevin Scarbinsky: Scarbo defended the HELL out of me. I was so happy about this one in particular.

I got plenty of attention from Auburn fans over this.

War Eagle Reader: I Hate Auburn Shirt

Never To Yield: They had some really fun things to say about me here

If you would like to read MY RESPONSE to the NTY article, You can enjoy that here! I really had a great time writing this rebuttal 


For those who haven't known me very long or are not familiar with some of my past on a personal level, I will share why I am an Alabama fan with y'all, how serious I am about it, what it means to me, and why. I've shared the following with everyone before, but I will do it now, again, as an update:

I was 2 or 3 years old when I first said the words, "Roll Tide"

Those words were taught to me by JW Blackerby in the mid 1980's. Everyone around my small little southern town of Wilsonville, Alabama knew JW as "Little Man", one of the nicest and funniest people they had ever met. He was somewhat of a local legend and was adored, respected, and WELL KNOWN by everyone in Wilsonville, and in the adjacent town of Columbiana as well.

I just knew him as Granddaddy.

In the early morning hours of my childhood, he would wake me early enough to watch the sunrise on our front porch after I had watched my Loony Toons and eaten my PERFECT egg sandwich that he would make for me. 

We would head out to the porch while it was still dark and just sit there. In silence. He, in his rocking chair, and I in one of the plastic chairs that surrounded the table that was on the porch. He would drink coffee. I would drink hot chocolate, pretend it was coffee. 

He was an expert marksman in the Army and was an outstanding hunter all his life, but he had a heart and love for animals. Not a stray cat or dog ever came around that he didn't feed and accept as his own. As the sun rose, squirrels would come up to the porch, some even being so brave as to jump up ON the porch, and Granddaddy would feed them nuts and bread and stuff. He even took a pet squirrel at one point. A baby squirrel that he had gotten out of a nest and named Nutty Buddy. Nutty Buddy would sit on and run around on Granddaddy's shoulder all the time. He'd even go to the grocery store with him, and go inside with this little squirrel on his neck.

He taught me how to shoot a BB gun but would tear my ass up if I shot any birds or squirrels that came around the house. He enjoyed getting up and all of the beautiful sounds of the wild animals rising as we just had. He didn't want me to run them off cause I was a bad kid and didn't listen to anyone.

He taught me how to fish. He taught me how to pray. And he taught me how to flirt. Granddaddy was the town flirt. But he wasn't a creepy old man, by any stretch. Everyone loved him. I'd ride to the store with him in the morning or to the Hardee's that was in Columbiana at the time, to get biscuits. And he would talk mess with anyone. He never met a stranger. He would talk to ANYONE like they were family or he had known them for years. He had the most outgoing personality I have STILL ever seen. He was just a hilarious old man.

JW Blackerby, Private First Class, U.S. Army, early 40's

Saturdays in the fall were Alabama Saturdays.

I would sit on the floor in the living room of his house that I grew up in and marvel at these heroes that I watched every week, and the colorful language my granddaddy used as he would yell instructions at them during the game.


It was everything to him, and it was the only team I knew there was that was worth rooting for.

I didn't know until I was a teenager that there really were serious Auburn fans, and that people really felt about Auburn and other teams the way I learned from Granddaddy to feel about Alabama.

I had only met a handful of AU fans when I was in middle school, and I didn't take them seriously at all.

I was 9 when Alabama defeated the loud-mouthed Hurricanes of Miami in that awesome Sugar Bowl of 1993. The Alabama-Texas game following the 2009 season was the first time, as an adult, that I had known the feeling of The Alabama Crimson Tide being the National Champion.

The man who loved Bama more than anyone I ever knew, who taught me the meaning of Saturdays in the south, died 13 years ago this August.

Me and Granddaddy. Sometime around 1990.

I like to imagine he is in Heaven right now, with Bear Bryant, enjoying watching a modern day version of The Bear roam the sidelines in Tuscaloosa and I'm sure he is proud of his team. I hope he is proud of the man his youngest grandson has grown up to be.


The Iron Bowl has always been a heated rivalry. One that had to be put to an end around the turn of the last century. The game wasn't even played for about 40 years because it had gotten too heated and violent.

For anyone who has been under a rock for the past few years, I will give a quick recap of what has happened and where we are at in this moment in time.

About a week or so after the 2010 Iron Bowl, a man who called himself "Al from Dadeville" claimed that he traveled to Auburn, which was 30 miles from his home. Armed with Spike 80 DF, an herbicide used to kill trees, he claimed that he poisoned the Live Oaks at Toomer's Corner. He made these claims in a phone call to radio show host Paul Finebaum. Auburn University confirmed days later that samples sent off to a lab tested positive for very lethal amounts of the chemical. The trees were not expected to survive.

Now it is well known that the trees were in the last years of their lives anyway, and Auburn people knew as far back as 7 or 8 years ago that the trees would most likely not live another 10-20 years anyway.

But that isn't the issue tonight, at least not for me. The issue tonight, for me, is one of the greatest traditions in the history of College Football coming to an end.

Now, as I have stated before, I can't love the University of Alabama any more than I do. And conversely, I can't HATE Auburn University any more than I do.

I want Auburn to lose every game they play. Ever. By 100 points.

I want them to get into trouble with the NCAA and be on probation.

I want all of their best players to be declared ineligible.

I honestly enjoy anything bad that can happen to Auburn's team, or football program in general.

But some things, however ridiculous they may seem to outsiders, are just sacred. College Football is treated like a religion in this country, and that is no more evident than in the south. We root for the team of our dad's dad and to hell with the team of yours.

We name our children after head coaches and players. We hold the very soil on these campuses to be sacred.

These college campuses are our churches. Our Holy Land. And we are faithful followers, whether we even attended the universities or not.

Whether the trees' collective deaths on their own was eventual or not, what Updyke did was wrong.

What Updyke caused is a damn shame. And it is in NO way a representation of the University of Alabama, or it's fans as a whole. Fans like myself, who wish every imaginable ill on AU most all of the time, but would NEVER stoop so low as to destroy or deface any of it's traditions, landmarks, or monuments. These things are sacred.

Obviously this is not a mere "game" for many fans. You can read the story that goes along with the tattoo below here

Today, Auburn fans have been flooding the internet with stories of their memories of this tradition. But I can find nothing from this week that compares to what my friend Aubielicious wrote for WarEagleReader a couple months ago.


I also have my own personal story. It was 2004. I had become friends with a guy that I was working with. His name was Ian and he had been a student at Auburn before that year. He wasn't anymore, but he still had tons of friends down there and he invited me to ride with him to hang out at this girl's apt for the weekend. It is still one of the most fun weekends I've had in my life. I met Jason Campbell at a party. And I assisted, as I like to put it, in rolling the trees after this big parade they had that day for their undefeated team.

I did wear an Alabama shirt the entire time, so my dignity wasn't completely lost. The point, though, is that as surprising as it may seem to alot of you, I actually have a fond personal memory of Toomer's Corner and those damn trees.

So with all that said, Auburn fans, you have so much of my respect for how you showed up for this today, the last rolling of those trees before they are cut down, dead from Harvey Updyke's poisoning. 

And no matter which side of the fence you stand on, you can't deny the outright awesomeness and glory of the images below. This was Auburn fans coming together to roll the trees for the final time, before they are cut down in a few days. This is college football fandom at it's finest and most passionate. This type of mass adulation for a University and it's traditions are what make College Football the best sport that exists and why CFB fans are the best fans any sport can claim. Alabama still has the best fans in the country, and always will. But I tip my hat to Auburn fans for their turnout for today's important event. It was very Alabama of them, to show so much support for their university.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spring Practice: First Week News And Notes

The first day of practice was last Saturday, March 16th. It's not a coincidence that March 16th is also my birthday. Nick is so good to me. 

Anyway, that first practice was one of 15 practices before the A-Day Game on April 20th. There are 3 new assistant coaches this year.

Mario Cristobal is the most notable. He will be the O-Line Coach now. He came from Miami, where he held the same position, but he also has head coaching experience and is known as a great recruiter and teacher of his position.

Billy Napier is the new WRs Coach. He has been an OC at Clemson and has alot of recruiting knowledge as well.

Greg Brown brings 30 years of coaching experience to the defense, as the new DBs coach. Brown has coached in college and in the NFL and will no doubt be a good recruiter too, cause we all know how Saban goes about hiring.

Heading into the spring, Alabama has to find 3 new starters on the O-Line, 2 on the D-Line, and 2 more in the secondary. As we have seen in the past couple seasons though, we just keep losing 1st Rd talent and replacing it with more, so I'm not worried about this at ALL.

Day One News And Notes

Every year, we always see several guys move around to different positions. Sometimes it's for experimentation and sometimes it's a sign of where they are going to play at the coming season.

Cyrus Jones was a freshman WR last year, but he was working at corner. This might stick as his new spot. Dee Hart, RB, and Christion Jones, WR, were also working with the secondary, but they are likely to move back to offense when all is said and done.

Jeoffrey Pagan, Brandon Ivory, and Ed Stinson were the 1st Team D Line, with LaMichal Fanning, Darren Lake, and Xzavier Dickson being the 2nd Team.

Dickson was moving back and forth though between DE and LB and could very well end up being a starter at OLB this season. I think he should and will be.

Day Two

On Monday, the team practiced indoors due to nasty weather. It was found out that William Ming, Chris Bonds, and Jonathan Atchison were no longer part of the team, which was suspected earlier. The process, y'all.

Bradley Sylve is competing like hell with Deion Belue for the outside corner position opposite from Geno Smith. I think this battle will go into the fall and we'll be in good hands, regardless.

Landon Collins seems to be a sure starter to alot of people this year, but Jarrick Williams is looking really good and they are competing for that same spot. Another battle that might take awhile.

Day Three

Wednesday was the first day in full pads.

Kellen Williams was getting a look at LG, behind Arie Kouandjio. Another good battle. I love all these battles we have going on between such greatly talented guys. 

Day Four

On Friday, most everything was the same as has been mentioned above, except that we got to see Derrick Henry in some passing drills. Not so good yet. Dropped some passes. So there's an area that he will have to work on to move ahead of Drake and take that spot with Yeldon, though I fully expect by fall, he will have that locked down.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Nick Saban Laughs At Ole Miss's Great Recruiting Class

Ole Miss surprised the world this year by having the best class they had ever recruited to Oxford. They got the No. 1 player in the entire nation, DE Robert Nkemdiche. They also got the No. 1 OT in the nation, Laremy Tunsil. AND they got the No. 1 WR in the nation, LaQuan Treadwell, along with a handful of other guys that were rated in the top 5 at their positions.

This type of shit just doesn't happen at Ole Miss.

Nick Saban's response: "Oh, I see what you did there. That's cute and all, but watch this".

Tonight, Saban hired Ole Miss's Director Of Recruiting Development, Tyler Siskey, away from them.

By the way, Siskey was also AJ McCarron's coach in high school at St. Paul's in Mobile.

This is a pretty good wrap up of Siskey's career.  He's an up and comer and a future star in the coaching world. Hugh Freeze had him a good one, that led Ole Miss to their BEST RECRUITING CLASS EVER. But Saban, even though Alabama had the No. 1 class for the 4th time in 5 years, will stop at NOTHING to dominate all opponents in this aspect.

This is what happens when you get a little above your raising and start to think you can run with the big dogs. Nick Saban hands you a subtle reminder, that while you may do some cool things from time to time, you are NOT the big dog.

Since signing day, Saban has hired Kevin Steele back, to JUST focus on recruiting. He has been one of the best recruiters as an assistant coach in the country these past several seasons and he was when he was at Bama for a couple years at the beginning of Saban's run. But now, ALL HE HAS TO DO IS RECRUIT.

Saban also hired Mario Cristobal away from Miami to be our new OL coach. Cristobal has been an up and comer who should get a nice head coaching job one day. He already has head coaching experience at FIU. Steele has head coaching experience too at Baylor several years back.

At this point, Saban is just seeing other schools' recruiting success and raising them the hiring of their coaches that led to their recruiting class.

Nick Saban is GOD to me right now. It's getting ridiculous. I don't think anyone's gonna stop Alabama until he retires and I don't think that's gonna be for another decade.

Roll Damn Tide.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Departing Alabama Players: NFL Draft Projections And Notes


***Alabama NFL Draft History***

1st Round NFL Draft picks from Alabama in the 20 NFL Drafts from 1988-2007 under Bill Curry, Gene Stallings, Mike Dubose, Dennis Franchione, and Mike Shula:

  • Derrick Thomas             1989
  • Bobby Humphrey          1989
  • Keith McCants               1990     
  • George Teague            1993
  • John Copeland              1993
  • Eric Curry                      1993
  • Antonio Langham         1994
  • Dwayne Rudd               1997
  • Fernando Bryant          1999
  • Shaun Alexander         2000
  • Chris Samuels               2000

Total: 11

1st Round NFL Draft picks from Alabama in the past 4 NFL Drafts under Nick Saban: 

  • Andre Smith                2009 
  • Rolando McClain         2010
  • Kareem Jackson        2010
  • Marcell Dareus           2011
  • Julio Jones                  2011
  • James Carpenter      2011
  • Mark Ingram              2011
  • Trent Richardson      2012
  • Mark Barron              2012
  • Dre Kirkpatrick          2012
  • Dont'a Hightower     2012

Total: 11

Since 1936, in 77 NFL Drafts, Alabama has had a total of 46 players taken in the 1st Round.

Nick Saban has accounted for 24% of Alabama's total 1st Rd Draft picks in HISTORY. In only 4 drafts. If 3 Bama players are selected in the 1st Rd this April, as are expected to be (It COULD be 4 or 5), then Saban will have 14 of 49 all time. 28%. In a 5 year span.

Bear Bryant had that same number of 1st Rd Draft picks, 14...in 25 years at Alabama.


***The NFL Combine***

The NFL Combine is a yearly, week long event where players who are leaving college workout for NFL scouts. Alabama has several former stars showing their stuff in Indianapolis this week. 

10 departing Alabama players were invited to participate. As opposed to only 3 from Auburn, but I just added that because LOL. 

Before I get into to those who are there, I would like to point out one big time guy who was not invited. Michael Williams, who was the best blocking tight end in college football the past few years, as well as developing into a solid trusted target for AJ McCarron, especially in the endzone. It is a travesty that the pride of Pickens County, AL isn't there to show what he can do. But he will have Alabama's Pro Day on March 13th to show NFL scouts why he would be a great addition to their teams.

Of the ten that were invited, most aren't going to be able to participate because they are coming off of injuries or surgeries. That's what a grueling SEC season under the tough coaching of Nick Saban will do to you. You leave it all on the line. But our boys are tough. They will all be ready to make their marks by the fall.

So this isn't gonna just be about the guys that are at the Combine, but all of our former players who will be drafted or could find their way onto an NFL team next year through free agency, if not.


***The Players***

For my purposes, I am listing them here in the order that I think they will be drafted. The order is my opinion only and I could be wrong about any of them. Especially with the existence of the Oakland Raiders in the NFL Draft. Because God knows, they might accidentally draft Burt Reynolds or something.

Dee Milliner

Millbrook, AL
Stanhope Elmore HS

6-0 200

3 year starter

#1 rated cornerback recruit nationally, 2010.

Chose Alabama over Auburn

nfl.com draft profile

CBS Sports Scouting Report

2010: Played in all 13 games as a true freshman, starting 11 games. Was named Defensive Player Of The Week 3 times by the coaching staff. 55 tackles, 1 INT, 8 PBU, and 1 forced fumble.

  • 1st Team Freshman All-American

2011: I refer to this as the "Lost Year" for Dee. For some reason, he was moved to 3rd on the depth chart behind DeQuan Menzie, who was great, but I always felt Dee should've started every game instead. I felt like he was better than Dre Kirkpatrick already, and Dre went in the top 10 of the NFL Draft after this season. Dee only started 6 games, even though he played in all of them. 27 tackles. 3 INTs, PBU. In the BCS Championship Game against LSU, he came off the bench to make a single tackle on special teams. I will always feel like he was shafted this year. But he's gotten his due, and then some by now. I hope he's drafted higher than Dre. Alot of people think he will be.

2012: Started 12 games. 54 tackles, 2 INTs, 20 PBU, and a 17 yard fumble return. 

  • Unanimous 1st Team All-American
  • Finalist for the Bronko Nagurski Trophy (Defensive Player Of The Year)
  • Finalist for the Thorpe Award (Nation's Best Defensive Back)

The Combine: With a torn labrum that required surgery, Dee was thought to not be participating. However, Dee had heard the talk that he wasn't as fast as he claimed or athletic as NFL teams would like. So he chose to put off surgery in favor of running the 40 for everyone. And all he did was run a 4.31. Freaking ridiculous. By comparison, Dre Kirkpatrick ran a 4.51 a couple years ago. He is about to be Dee Millionaire very very soon.

Detroit free press: Attention, Lions. You need Milliner

SI's Peter King said if NFL teams want to draft DeMarcus Milliner, they will have to trade up ahead of the Lions who have the No. 5 pick. Detroit has long been rumored to have Dee at the top of their board and they desperately need a guy like him. He could be a day 1 starter for them, as well as many other NFL teams. I thought in 2010 that Milliner was a better cover corner than Dre Kirkpatrick and I still have no idea why he wasn't on the field half the time in 2011. But once he got his chance to be the leader of the pack at corner last year, he showed himself to be the best in the country at his position.

Self-confidence, stopping short of cockiness, is not something that DeMarcus has a problem with. He was asked by a reporter at the Combine what he would say to analysts who say he doesn't possess elite athleticism or top-end speed. His simple response: "Watch the Combine". He obviously knew what he was going to do LOL.

2012 Highlights

Where he could go: 3rd to the Raiders (SHOOT ME), 4th to the Eagles, 5th to the Lions, 6th to the Browns (OH GOD PLEASE NO), 8th to the Bills, 9th to the Jets (AGAIN. PLEASE NO), 12th to the Dolphins, 13th to the Buccaneers

Pretty much half of the teams in the NFL would gladly take Dee with their first pick, so he's unlikely to make it to Tampa. Unless someone goes crazy and trades way up, like the Falcons did for Julio Jones a couple years ago, I think the Lions will get our man.

"I feel like I'm the best DB in all of this. No offense to all of them other DBs, just I believe in what I can do

- Dee Milliner, to NFL reporters at the combine.

"We know that he can bump and run. I love the fact that he's been working on his off coverage. That says alot about his expectation and what he's preparing himself for. I love his swag, man. I love his swagger. I love his confidence. I love the aura about him. When I spent some time with him yesterday, he had swag out of this world" 

- Deion Sanders, on the NFL Network


Chance Warmack

Atlanta, Ga

Westbrook HS

6-2 317

3 year starter

#16 rated OG recruit nationally, 2009

Chose Alabama over Auburn, Arkansas, Georgia

sbnation scouting report

2009: Played in 5 games as a backup. Didn't really do anything to get noticed much.

2010: Started all 13 games, more than easily replacing the departed Mike Johnson, who was drafted by the Falcons. He never really garnered much attention, but he was solid for most of the year. People said he had the potential to develop into a possible All-SEC type of player down the road, but he was seen as just another guy by most at this point. Still, he was an unsung member of the line. He was named the SEC Lineman Of The Week against Florida in his 5th start ever. By the middle of the season, he was a dependable blocker that opened up alot of holes. But overall, he never really got noticed much that season because Bama threw the ball too much and alot of the focus was on Heisman-Winner Mark Ingram following up the season he had on 2009. We struggled throwing the ball, and as a result, we struggled running the ball and lost 3 games. Julio Jones was about the only member of the offense that year that did anything special.

2011: Started all 13 games. Became a solid veteran on the squad and was honorable mention All American. Did not allow a sack. Not a flashy player, he rarely was noticed or appreciated for all that he did or how vital he had become to the line, but he played well enough that going into the next season, he was on the preseason "Watch List" for just about every award a lineman can get.

2012: Once again, started every game. 37 pancake blocks (led team). Only 2 penalties all season. Only missed 7 assignments in almost 800 snaps. Allowed only 2 sacks.
  • Unanimous 1st Team All-American
  • Twice named SEC Offensive Lineman Of The Week
  • Finished his career with 40 straight starts at LG

The Combine: Chance only participated in two events: The 40, and the Broad Jump.

He ran the 40 in 5.49, which will cause at least one NFL GM to pass on him, because it's really important for offensive guards to be able to run really fast way down the field.

Cowboys Exec Compares Warmack To Larry Allen

The last time an offensive guard was taken in the top 5 of the draft was 1975. Warmack probably won't pull that off, but it wouldn't be a surprise and he has a decent chance of it. Several teams with top 10 picks are really interested in him. Never do you see a guard get this much attention and buzz, but this is the one guy who deserves every bit of it. 

Chance weighed in at 6-2, 317 lbs. A few ignorant NFL scouts, who put too much stock in measurables, are saying his lack of "ideal" size is a negative. But then they go on to absolutely GUSH at how awesome he looks on tape and what a great player he is on the field. 

2012 Highlights

Where he could go: There are rumors he could go as high as the No. 1 pick to the Chiefs. The Eagles will look at him long and hard at the 4th pick, as Chance's position coach at Alabama just took the same job at Philly. Todd McShay of ESPN says he will go 10th to the Titans. But if he's still around, the Rams will probably take him at 16.

I don't think he will make it past the Rams at 16, but he shouldn't make it that far. I'm gonna predict the Eagles and his old coach Soutland will take Warmack at 4th overall. But if not, then he will go to the Titans.


DJ Fluker

Foley, AL
Foley HS

6-5 339
3 year starter

#1 rated OL recruit, 2009

Chose Alabama over Auburn, LSU, Oklahoma, Florida

nfl.com draft profile

walter football scouting report

2009: Redshirted

2010: Started 9 games as a Redshirt Freshman at RT. Was an extremely hyped, popular guy that was showing the potential to live up to expectations. He certainly looked like a 24 year old NFL vet from his first day on the field at Bama.
  • Freshman ALL-SEC

2011: Started all 13 games and became one of the most feared run blockers in all of college football. Calling a running play in his direction, you were assured of at least one opponent getting knocked out of the Trent Richardson's vicinity, if not completely on the ground. Had some major issues with pass blocking though and had yet to earn any recognition. Much was expected of him in 2012, and he delivered.

2012: Was the most dominating RT in all of college football. Second on the team to Warmack with 33 pancake blocks. Only allowed 3 sacks.
  • 2nd Team All-American
  • 1st Team ALL-SEC
  • Started 36 straight games.
The Combine: DJ weighed in at 6-5 339 lbs, after being 355 at the Senior Bowl and ran a 5.31 40. DJ's putting in some WORK.

Where he could go: The Chargers are looking at Fluker, though he might be a stretch for the 11th pick. The Bears are really interested in him. They have the 20th pick in the 1st round. If he is still there at that point, they'd be likely to pick him up.


    Barrett Jones

Germantown, TN
Evangelical Christian School

6-5 302

4 year starter

#18 OL recruit nationally, 2008

Chose Alabama over Tennessee

nfl.com draft profile

walter football scouting report

2008: Played in 3 games before a shoulder injury ended his season. He was able to get a Medical Redshirt, so he didn't lose the year of eligibility.

2009: Started all 14 games as a Redshirt Freshman at Right Guard. Was the lesser appreciated, but most vital member of the best offensive line in the nation, that paved the way for Marck Ingram to win the Heisman Trophy.

2010: Started 11 games at Right Guard. Missed the last two regular season games against Georgia St and Auburn because of a high ankle sprain. But returned for the Capital One Bowl and helped lead the Tide to 275 yards rushing, which was the 2nd highest total of the year. 

  • 1st Team Academic All American
  • 3rd Team All American
  • Was on the watch list for the Outland Trophy
  • 1st Team All-SEC

2011: Moved to Left Tackle to replace James Carpenter, who was drafted in the 1st Rd. of the NFL Draft. Proved himself to be the best offensive lineman in the nation, and most versatile, moving from Right Guard to Left Tackle and actually improving. Missed two games due to a sprained ankle.

  • Unanimous All American
  • Won the Outland Trophy, which goes to the nation's best lineman. 3rd Bama player to win the award.
  • Won the Jacobs Trophy, which goes to the SEC's best blocking lineman
  • Won the Wuerffel Trophy, which is an all around award recognizing the player to best combine great community service with great athletic and academic achievement.
  • Won the ARA Sportsmanship Award, for great sportsmanship overall
I think Barrett did pretty well in 2011 lol

2012: Made yet another move, from Left Tackle to Center. And once again didn't miss a beat. This guy can do EVERYTHING. Was the unquestioned leader of the best offensive line in America. This was talked about as possibly the best line of all time, and rightly so.

  • Won the Rimington Trophy, which goes to the nation's best Center. This guy was the best in the country at 3 different positions in his career. Think about that.

NFL Combine: Barrett is not participating, due to having foot surgery.

Nick Saban has compared Jones to Hall Of Famer Bruce Matthews. He's one of the all time greats to play at Bama.

Where he could go: Had he left after his junior season, he was seen as a high 1st Rd possibility. As it stands now, with injuries that he has had and alot of talk around NFL circles, it appears that he will fall to the 2nd or maybe even 3rd Rd.


Eddie Lacy

Geismar, LA
Dutchtown HS

6-0 220

1 year starter

#13 rated RB recruit nationally, 2009

Chose Alabama over Oklahoma, LSU, Tennessee

nfl.com draft profile

Atlanta Falcons Draft Spotlight: Eddie Lacy

2009: Redshirted

2010: Ran for 406 yards and 6 TD's as the 3rd team back behind Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson. Already showed that he would've been a starter at most other SEC schools. Huge contributor on Special Teams and was named Special Teams Player Of The Week by the coaches a few times. Ran for 86 yards in the Capital One Bowl against Michigan St to end the year, but most of the came on the 63 yard TD run at the end of the game when Saban was just trying to run out the clock. Saban looked pissed when Eddie broke a couple tackles and was gone lol.

2011: Ran for 674 yards as Trent Richardson's backup. Actually ranked 9th in the SEC in rushing despite not being a starter. Caught 11 passes for 131 yards. Was named Offensive Player Of The Week 3 different times by the coaching staff. Missed most of the second half of the season with turf toe injuries. 

2012: Entered the season as the heir apparent to Trent Richardson and never disappointed. Even though there was a new kid on the block, in freshman TJ Yeldon, that was actually the team's leading rusher in the first week of the season. Ran for 1,322 yards and 17 TD's on the season. The 17 TD's are 4th all time in Alabama's single season record books. Alabama's Offensive Player Of The Week 6 times.

The Combine: A hamstring tear kept Eddie from participating, but he made the trip to interview with scouts nonetheless. He has the Pro Day on March 13th, which should make a great impression, since he should be healthy.

Where he could go: Most NFL Draft experts, AT THE MOMENT, have Eddie as an early pick in the 2nd Rd or somewhere in the middle of the 2nd. I think the Pro Day workout will impress enough teams that he will make it into the 1st Rd.


Jesse Williams

Brisbane, Australia
Cavendish Road HS

6-4 320

2 year starter

Wasn't ranked out of high school. Went to Junior College.
#2 rated JUCO player, 2011

Chose Alabama over LSU, USC, Oklahoma St

walter football scouting report

sbnation scouting report

Bleacher report scouting report with highlights

That Bleacher Report one is a damn good read.

2009: JUCO: Made 46 tackles, 7 TFL, and 4 sacks in 11 games

2010: JUCO: Made 30 tackles, 6 TFL, and 2 sacks in just 7 games.

2011: As soon as he set foot on campus and went through the spring, he earned a starting spot at DE. In passing situations, he would move inside to DT and a LB would take the DE spot.

2012: Made 37 tackles, 2 TFL. Had 22 tackles in the last 4 games of the regular season, after only 14 in the first 7 games of the season.

The Combine: Did 30 reps on the bench press, which is slightly above average. Didn't really standout, but didn't do anything to hurt his prospects at all.

Where he could go: He could sneak into the end of the 1st Rd or he could fall to the 2nd. Some NFL scouts compare him to Vince Wilfork of the New England Patriots. He will be a solid pickup for whoever gets him.


Nico Johnson

Andalusia, AL
Andalusia HS

6-3 245

4 year starter

#2 rated LB recruit nationally, 2009

Chose Alabama over LSU, USC, Auburn

nfl.com draft profile

bleacher report: Comparing Nico Johnson to Jon Beason

2009: Had already seen the field quite a bit, but when Dont'a Hightower was hurt against Arkansas, he quickly became the replacement and didn't disappoint. Finished his true freshman season with 28 tackles, 4 TFL, and 1 sack.

  • Freshman ALL-SEC

2010: Played in all 13 games, started 6. 33 tackles, 1 INT, 3 TFL

2011: Played in every game. Whether you could say he started or not depended on the formation that the defense started the game in, but he was one of the "starting" linebackers and finished 4th on the team with 47 tackles. Had 6 TFL, a forced fumble and recovery, 1 INT and 3 PBU. Established himself as one of the most dependable, yet quiet, leaders of the best defense in the nation.

2012: One of the leaders of the defense, Nico had 54 tackles, 2 TFL, 2 forced fumbles and was named defensive player of the week twice as well as special teams player of the week once. 

Nico has been one of Alabama's most dependable players, filling in for an injured Dont'a Hightower in 2009, as a true freshman, and playing just as well as Hightower had played. 

Nico has always been one of my favorite guys.

The Combine: He is not participating in the Combine, due to having hernia surgery.

Where he could go: NFLDRAFTSCOUT.COM has Nico ranked as the 5th best LB prospect. He will probably be drafted in the 3rd or 4th Rd.


Robert Lester

Foley, AL
Foley HS

6-1 220

3 year starter

#33 rated safety recruit nationally, 2008

Chose Alabama over Auburn

nfl.com draft profile

cbs sports scouting report

2008: Redshirted

2009: Played in 8 games, mostly on special teams. Had 8 tackles on the season. Was named the Special Teams Player Of The Week once. Was very important in that area.

2010: This was his coming out year. Heading into this season, Rod Woodson and Robby Green were expected to compete for this position opposite Mark Barron. Those two guys had their troubles that led to them leaving the team, but our third team choice at the time didn't turn out too bad. Lester took over and led the SEC with 8 INTs and had 52 tackles and a sack on the season. Also returned a fumble 89 yards. Came out of nowhere to be one of the best DBs in the country, when he would've been buried on the depth chart if not for the mishaps of those guys ahead of him.

  • 2nd Team All-SEC
  • 2nd Team All-American

2011: Was a solid starter, but not the flashy player he appeared sure to become following the 2010 season. Was always in the right position. Very important player, just not the standout of the year before.

2012: Veteran leader of the secondary at this point. Had 4 INTs on the season and had 42 tackles.

  • Ended his career tied for 5th all time in interceptions with 14

The Combine: Ran a 4.68 in the 40. Which isn't terrible, but isn't that great. Not elite. 

Where he could go: Somewhere in the 4th to 7th Rd.


***Others That Could Be Drafted Or Sign As Free Agents***

Quinton Dial

Pinson, AL
Clay-Chalkville HS

6-6 304

Played in every game, never started

#33 rated DT nationally, 2008
#9 rated JUCO player, 2010

Chose Alabama over Florida, Auburn, Clemson

nfl.com draft profile

Was highly ranked out of high school, but couldn't make the grades to go to Alabama right away. Spent 3 years at a JUCO before finally being able to transfer to Alabama as a junior for the 2011 season. Had 24 tackles in 2011 and 21 in 2012. Never earned a starting spot, but was an important backup. Has alot more pro potential than he had time to show in college.

The Combine: Dial is not participating in the Combine, due to foot surgery.

Where he could go: 7th Rd or Undrafted Free Agent


Damion Square

Houston, TX
Yates HS

6-3 290

3 year starter

#9 rated LB recruit nationally, 2008

Chose Alabama over Texas A&M, Auburn

nfl.com draft profile

al.com: "Alabama is greatest show on earth" - Square

Was a 3 year starter who became a vocal leader in 2012. Never really stood out and never got alot of recognition but helped the team alot.

Where he could go: 7th Rd or UFA


Carson Tinker

nfl.com draft profile

al.com: Tinker and Kevin Elko Speak at hoover high school

Carson will get a spot as an UFA somewhere.


Michael Williams

cbs sports scouting report

turfshowtimes scouting reports/other links

Very underrated guy who will have a decent NFL career as a team's 2nd Tight End. Great Redzone threat.