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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

4 Bama Players Arrested. Also, Miss Alabama Contestant Arrested

This was an eventful past two days in Tuscaloosa.

Eddie Williams was arrested Sunday for carrying an unregistered gun, following an argument in the BP on the strip over paying for gas. Eddie came in the store acting crazy and threatening to go get his gun out the trunk and so the clerk called the police.

Eddie was a 5 star prospect out of Panama City in the Class Of 2011. Eddie was recruited as a safety, but started out at WR, where people said he had freakish Julio Jones abilities.

Monday, he was charged with Robbery, along with 2 other Bama players, Tyler Hayes and DJ Pettway.

These guys physically assaulted 2 Bama students and stole from them. Pettway punched a dude in the back of the head and in the face, and kicked him in his ribs before stealing a laptop from him.

Eddie Williams told police that he attacked the 2nd victim and knocked him unconcious while Hayes and Pettway watched. Stole his wallet.

Eddie admitted to later using a stolen UA Action Card from one of the victims to purchase snacks from a vending machine in Bryant Hall.

With these details, I say Eddie Williams HAS to be kicked off the team. Pettway and Hayes probably will be as well.

Brent Calloway was charged with fraudulent use of a credit card for also using a stolen card to get snacks out of a vending machine. He tweeted this morning that he was asleep during the robbery, but he must have been some sort of accessory, before or after the fact, to have the card.

This isn't the first trouble for Calloway, who was also arrested last year after being stopped for driving with no headlights and marijuana being found stuffed in his sock. Calloway's crimes aren't violent, so who knows? He might stay on the team. We'll see.

Hey, there's more than one way to free up several scholarships for some of the great young players coming in who want to do things the right way.

Also, this is completely unrelated to the football players, but a young lady named Stormie Lane Henderson was also arrested yesterday for leaving the scene of an accident. Don't know how serious that is, but Stormie also happens to be Miss Tuscaloosa, and a Miss Alabama contestant. I mainly just wanted to include her mugshot on here. At Alabama, even when our football players are arrested, there is a good chance they will be seen with a beauty queen.

Smiling for the police. #FreeStormie

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