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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Alabama's Superhuman Roster: QB's

This Season:

AJ McCarron is entering his 5th year Senior season at Alabama, his 3rd year as the starting QB and leader of the team. He has 3 total National Championship rings, 2 as a starter, and could leave Alabama with more rings than any other QB in college football history. He already deserves to be discussed as one of the best to ever play at Alabama, and I think could go down as THAT GUY if he does it all again and even if he doesn't. AJ is a very underrated player in some circles. From the beginning of his time at Bama, he's had to fight off the Alabama QB reputation as a Game Manager who didn't do much more than hand the ball off to great running backs behind a great line and just not mess up. AJ has always been more than that and now it's obvious, he's poised to become much more than that. I think he already has proven himself to be a game changer and a superstar that can take over a game and make plays. He's taken his team down the field and won at every huge opportunity thus far. I think he will have a long career in the NFL and I think there is no doubt he is at the very LEAST the best QB to play for Bama since the 60's.

Behind him, it's a huge confusion of talent. It's not a bad thing though. Alec Morris is the guy that I think will go into this season as the immediate backup and heir apparent to AJ. However, Cooper Bateman and Luke Del Rio are both very highly talented 4 star prospects that will be true freshman this season. I believe they will both redshirt, along with another true freshman, Parker McCleod. I see McCleod as a career backup, but you never know. Blake Sims is also still around as a situational backup.


10 AJ McCarron
6'4" 220
St. Paul's. Mobile, AL
3 time National Champion. 25-2 as a starter.
4 Star Recruit. Scout #17. Rivals #7. ESPN #4

2012 Stats
2,933 Passing Yards
30 TD's
3 INT's

Here is video of AJ being the best player on the field in the BCS National Championship Game against Notre Dame.


14 Blake Sims 
6'0" 200 
Gainesville. Gainsville, GA.
4 Star Recruit. Scout #42WR. Rivals #33ATH

2012 Stats
77 Passing Yards

Blake is the veteran backup to AJ, but I just don't see him being the pocket passer that we would need as the main guy if AJ went down, or after AJ leaves. I think that will be the next guy.


11 Alec Morris  
6'3" 240
Allen. Allen, TX.
3 Star Recruit. Rivals #30. Scout #37

Alec has the inside track to take over for AJ at this point. He came in a little under the radar last fall and impressed everyone in practice. Has a HUGE arm and is a smart guy and a leader. He will have a couple of stud freshmen to hold off next spring, but right now he is AJ's immediate relief.


This year, we brought in 3 guys who will be true freshmen. Luke Del Rio is a preferred walk on. He was an Elite 11 QB, a 4 star recruit, one of the top 10 QB's in the country. He had scholarship offers from dozens of big schools, but chose to pay his own way at Bama instead. It's like Bear Bryant is recruiting for this team again, but better.               

18 Cooper Bateman 
6'3" 200
Salt Lake, UT
4 Star Recruit. Top 5 in the country.

15 Parker McCleod
6'3" 190
Marietta, GA
3 Star Recruit. 

14 Luke Del Rio
6'2" 190
Littleton, CO
4 Star Recruit.

The Future:

Looking ahead to next spring, we are poised to have one of the all time great competitions for the position. We are going to have Morris and Sims back, and Morris will have the most experience. But he will have to hold off Bateman and Del Rio, who will no doubt be ready to try and take it from Alec. 

Also at that time, we will have yet ANOTHER stud QB to add to the mix. David Cornwell is the best high school quarterback in America this year, and will enroll early at Alabama. So he will be there too.

Whoever takes over after AJ leaves is guaranteed to be a super talented guy with all the ability to continue our championship winning and heart breaking ways. Unfortunately, I'm sure we will also see the transfer of one or more of these big time QB's. But that's just life when you are the best program in the country and all the top guys want to play for you. There just isn't room for every potential future Hall Of Famer that wants to be a part of the Crimson Tide. 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Derrick Henry Q & A

Derrick Henry is a 6'3" 240 lb running back who will be a true freshman this year at Alabama. He holds the all time high school rushing record.

Derrick is not only a crowd pleaser on football fields, but he's also a fan pleaser on Twitter. Recently, Derrick has taken questions from fans and posted the questions and answers on Twitter for all to see. 

Why number 3?

That's what Coach Saban gave me.

Are you religious?

I believe in God.

Speed or power?

Power! (I love his emphasis on that with the exclamation point)

Gimme the top 3 or 4 teams in college football.

BAMA is all I'm worried about.

Do you always thank your linemen?

YES, they are the heart and soul of the offense.

How did you increase your bench over the years?

I do ALOT of pushups.

What grade did you get your first college offer?


Love to win or hate to lose?

Hate to lose.

Will your leg be 100% before the season starts?


What team you want to go to in the NFL?


What is your favorite movie?

Love And Basketball.

What's TJ looking like this year?

Better than last year.

Who is your best friend on the team?

Jalston Fowler.

Who is the fastest on the team?

B Sylve.

What do you think about the Florida Gators?

They are a college team. (LOL)

What would you like the student section to do when you score a TD?

Throw them 3's up!

What do you like most about being at Bama?

Continuing the tradition.

What does it take to be a part of the Crimson Tide?

Discipline, commitment, toughness, effort, and pride.

Are you going to stay at Bama for 4 years?

However long it takes to get a degree.

This guy is really gonna be something if he works hard and wants it bad enough.