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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Alabama vs USC, 2016

On Sept 3, 2016, the Alabama Crimson Tide will face off against the University of Southern California in Arlington, Texas.

The last time Alabama played in AT&T Stadium, Bama chicken-kicked Michigan 41-14 to start the 2012 season and this would be another great start to a championship run like that one was.

Alabama was supposed to play Penn State in this game, but according to Nick Saban Penn St "Bailed out on us".

Of all the big time non-conference games in recent years, this might be the biggest and most anticipated one of all. I know I've been wanting to play USC for about 10 years. Back when we'd have had no business thinking we could win against them. Back when Auburn thought they could beat them. I've always wanted these guys. And now we are going to get them.

This will be the 8th time in history Alabama and USC will have met. This will be the first time Alabama and USC will have played each other, barring a playoff matchup, in 31 years. Bama beat USC 24-3 in the Aloha Bowl in 1985.

Alabama leads the series 5-2.

Alabama and USC split the national title in 1978, even though USC beat Alabama that year. You can still piss off some old Trojan fans by bringing that one up.

USC is 21-11-1 all time against the SEC. But that won't matter on this night.

Alabama and USC have combined for 26 national titles, 66 bowl wins, 272 first team All-Americans, 797 NFL draftees, 52 College Football Hall Of Fame players, and 7 Heisman Trophy winners.

John McKay. USC Head Coach from 1960-1975.
 Won 4 national titles.
Paul "Bear" Bryant

USC Fullback Sam Cunningham
In 1970, the two schools played in one of the most important games in history. USC won the game 42-21, thanks to a huge game from African American fullback Sam Cunningham, who is credited with having a lot to do with college football becoming integrated in the south. Cunningham ran for 135 yards and 2 TDs on only 12 carries and the Trojans outgained Alabama by 300 yards. Bear Bryant personally sought out Cunningham after the game to congratulate him. Bryant already had one black player on the freshman squad, and people say that Bryant would have already had more black players on the team if he had thought it was socially acceptable at the time. Whatever the case may be, getting embarrassed in this way changed the way Bryant and Alabama saw things and paved the way for future Hall Of Famers like Ozzie Newsome to come along over the next several years. This game helped to reinforce what had already started and won over a lot of the ignorant fools who were going to fight it because they wanted the Tide to win and the message was clear that to win you needed to have the best players, regardless of the color of their skin.

The Cowboys Classic. Bama and USC. This will be awesome.

Lane Kiffin on the Alabama sideline.

Nick Saban coming off back to back titles. OK, I'm not gonna get carried away there.

“We are excited to participate in a game that is such an attractive matchup for the nation’s fans. The 2016 Cowboys Classic not only brings together two of college football’s most tradition-laden and successful programs, but teams that in 1970 played a significant role in shaping the history of the game. At USC, we have always tried to schedule as many outstanding nonconference opponents as possible because we believe that should be part of the experience our players get when they come here. The Trojans versus the Crimson Tide in Arlington will certainly be such a game.”
                                                                               - USC Coach Steve Sarkisian


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  2. Yep, I'm still mad about '78 and I was a Bear Bryant fan before that game. 'Fight On'