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Thursday, February 28, 2013

News, Notes, And An Update On The "Funyon Four"

Brent Calloway, DJ Pettway, Tyler Hayes, and Eddie Williams will never again wear the crimson and white. Anyone that knows anything about Nick Saban knew the day these guys were arrested on Feb 11th for assaulting and robbing fellow Alabama students, that he would kick them off the team.

Of course he said the political, "Indefinitely Suspended" deal, but that's always been the end for you with Nick Saban.

Yesterday, he let everyone know for sure, when he said that the four guys were "no longer associated with the football team". They are also no longer enrolled at the University Of Alabama. So that's that.


"Some learn by words, some learn by consequences, and some can't learn at all" - Nick Saban


Pettway's lawyer, some jackass named Jay Stuck, released a statement today regarding Alabama's decision to cut ties with his client. It's dumb as shit, but if you'd like to read it, you can go HERE

Those 4 guys likely aren't the only ones who are done at Alabama.  Marvin Shinn, who would've been a Sophomore WR on the team this fall, has opted out of the offseason program and is making plans to transfer. 

This came as a surprise to most, because it wasn't like he was a guy that didn't have a future or had been in trouble or anything. He played Jan 7th against Notre Dame and caught two passes in that game. He was set for alot of playing time this year and would've probably taken over for Kevin Norwood in 2014. Sometimes you just never know why people do what they do, but best of luck to him. And apparently, he has completely cut himself off from everyone in Tuscaloosa and is refusing to even talk to any of his teammates or friends that would try to make him stay. It's a really odd situation. Maybe Tuscaloosa or Alabama or playing for Nick Saban is just not a good fit for him.

Danny Woodson Jr. is another WR who had played in 6 games as a freshman last season, catching one pass against Arkansas, who might be parting ways with Tuscaloosa. Saban announced today that he is suspended for "violation of team rules" and like Shinn, will also not participate in the offseason program. Nobody knows what he did exactly, but this wasn't the first time he had been in trouble with Saban.

So he is probably gone too. 6 scholarships opened up just like that. Now y'all see why Saban works every rule to sign as many guys as possible at some positions.


Depth can be such a blessing  and we certainly have an embarrassment of riches on this team, but it can take a few hits in no time. We all saw last year how many RBs we had at the beginning of the  season before Dee Hart and Jalston Fowler were both lost for the season. Shinn and Woodson are a couple of decent players, who could've had fine college careers at Alabama, but it shouldn't hurt the product we put on the field when you consider Amari Cooper, Kenny Bell, Kevin Norwood, DeAndrew White, Chris Black, and about 5 other young studs are gonna be playing the position. Norwood has a toe injury that could hamper him this spring, so hopefully he doesn't fall behind one or two of these young future superstars, because he has been one of our best and most reliable guys the past couple seasons.

Speaking of depth, RB this year is ridiculous. TJ Yeldon should lock down the "starting" job, but Fowler and Hart will be back, along with Kenyan Drake who would've been our star freshman back last year if not for the presence of Yeldon. Then add in the fact that FOUR of the top 12 rated RBs coming out of high school this year signed with Alabama. The one most likely to see action right away is Derrick Henry, who broke the  ALL TIME HIGH SCHOOL RUSHING RECORD that had stood for over 50 years. Derrick enrolled early and is already kicking ass in the weight room. Scott Cochran, who is NEVER impressed, is reportedly blown away by Derrick's work ethic and dedication. Alvin Kamara, Altee Tenpenny, and Tyren Jones will be our 6th, 7th, and 8th RBs. And they could each step on campus and start for at least half of the other SEC teams. I love it! Every RB on our team was a highly rated recruit out of high school. It's IMPOSSIBLE to not have a couple super stars shining all year long at RB.

Like every year, we will see a few guys switch positions. Most notably, Xzavier Dickson, who was a star in the making at outside LB in his freshman season last year. He has gotten alot bigger and stronger, while maintaining his speed and agility. He could be a helluva pass rusher off the end. Looks like he might move to DE, to make room for Denzel Devall or any of the handful of other 4 and 5 stars waiting in the wings. I expect to see Reuben Foster in the first game against Virginia Tech Aug 31st.

Cyrus Jones, who came to Alabama last year as a 5 star WR, one of the top guys in the country, is probably going to be looked at as a cornerback, with the lack of depth there compared to WR. John Fulton is a guy who was expected to step into a big role at CB this year, but he is hurt and will miss the spring. 

Another note on depth. You are only allowed 85 players on scholarship in a season. Even with the 6 guys we look to be free of, we will still have to lose 4 or 5 more between now and August. But it happens every year. There will be a few guys this summer who transfer, already have their degree and just give up football, or maybe a signee or two doesn't qualify academically. Saban's a wizard at this stuff, so I'm never worried.

Alabama made a bit of news this past week by offering a scholarship to a kid named Dylan Moses, who is still in the 8th grade. That does sound ridiculous, but wait til you SEE this kid. He's 6-1 215 and runs a 4.4 RIGHT NOW. My favorite thing about all of this was seeing the fake outrage from LSU fans, cause the kid is from Baton Rouge. They were all on their moral high horse about Evil Nick Saban targeting a kid so young, until they found out that Les Miles had offered him a scholarship while he was in the 7th grade. Then, it was perfectly fine, cause the kid's talent warranted it. We are a special breed, us crazy college football fans. Especially in the South. 

Former Bama QB John Parker Wilson was released by the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Scott Cochran has a new piece of Paradise. This video is him giving a tour of the new workout facility that was just built for the football team. It was only $9 Million. So hopefully this will help us get bigger, faster, and stronger. Cause we really need to do that! Cochran is such an awesome dude. He's like a kid, he enjoys his job so much. He truly molds these young kids from the time they get on campus to when they leave. He is the best in the country at what he does, and now our facilities are far and away the best in the country

Nick Saban also announced that the first day of Spring Practice will be March 16th. March 16th is my birthday. He is so thoughtful. Thanks, Coach!

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