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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Gene Chizik Is A Moron

This is only my 7th entry on this blog, and I was trying to avoid talking too much about Auburn. And I already had one post that was about an AU player, albeit a positive one.

But I really can't leave this one alone

Last month, at the SEC meetings in Destin, Fla., something happened that has just now been reported by Pete Thamel of the New York Times. And it has made my night.

Apparently, at a certain point, Julie Roe Lach, the NCAA's vice president for enforcement was speaking to the room, which included all of the head basketball and football coaches in the SEC, as well as the Athletic Directors, and the Commissioner. When she opened up the room for discussion, Auburn coach Gene Chizik raised his hand and went into a barrage of questions about their investigation of Cam Newton. He wanted to know why they NCAA had not formally declared the investigation over. The exchange was cordial at first, until he persisted and complained that their open ended nature had hurt Auburn recruiting and all this, to which she got irritated, and responded, "You'll know when we're finished. And we are NOT finished"


So, I'm confused. I mean, all of my friends that are Auburn fans have been telling me for months that the NCAA investigation was over with them, that Cam had been cleared, and so obviously they had done nothing wrong since the NCAA had cleared Cam. Did I mention they have steadfastly insisted that the investigation was OVER?

Yeah, not so fast Boogers.

If you are Gene Chizik, shouldn't you know better than to pick that fight? Why would you publicly call out the NCAA's Vice President of enforcement. This woman has a part in deciding what punishment is handed down to schools when they are found to have violated NCAA rules. This woman has a say in the future of your school, if it is found that you did something wrong. This woman is the POlice.

This would be like going up to a cop and being like, "Hey bro, that guy over there stole my weed. Arrest him"



Ok, to Hell with it! I'm just going to be honest. There is no WAY Auburn did nothing wrong in the recruitment of Cameron Newton. No chance. He wasn't even considering them until near the end, after his dad said he didn't want his son to be a "rented mule", in reference to Mississippi St, where his son wanted to go. It has been admitted to by all sides, including the NCAA that Cecil Newton told MSU that it would take $180,000 to get Cam. That falls through, and then all the sudden he goes to a school that wasn't in on it and everything is on the up and up? You can't convince me of that

I already thought that Auburn fans were being the most naive, cultish group of children by acting like everything was fine and they were clean. I already thought that Auburn was still going to end up in NCAA trouble over all of this.

But now, Gene Chizik has almost guaranteed that the NCAA will be out to get them. Auburn's punishment for their blatant cheating and thumbing their noses at the NCAA will be worse now, because of Gene Chizik, and I am glad that idiot is not our coach

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  1. And we thought Kiffin was LAME!

    (pun intended)