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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Auburn Fans, I've Done You A Favor

First off, I will start by saying the following:

On September 10, in Jordan Hare Stadium, Auburn will beat Mississippi State. Without a shadow of a doubt. In fact, MSU might as well not even show up. There would be no point. The final outcome is already set in stone.

Want to know why I am so confident of this? The answer is simple. Because tonight, I bet a friend 20 bucks that MSU would beat AU. That's right. I bet 20 bucks straight up. And I bet on MSU to win.

But I don't understand, you say. Why did you just say Auburn is going to win the game, but then you said you bet MONEY on MSU to win? Because, God doesn't let me win bets. I've become convinced of it over the years.

Now, don't get confused. I'm not saying I want Auburn to win. And I'm not trying some weird voodoo to cause them to lose. I made the bet in the heat of the moment. My friend, who is of course an Auburn fan, was running his mouth saying there was no chance AU would lose to MSU. Several of us were arguing with him, so he said he would bet 20 bucks straight up with anyone who would take it. So I jumped. And then I realized I had sealed my fate. A fate which will include having to watch Auburn win, AND have to pay 20 bucks for it.

But perhaps I have left you in the dark as to how I have arrived at my beliefs here. So allow me to explain.

It was September of 2001. It was the week before Alabama would play South Carolina on the 29th. Alabama wasn't coming off the best season ever, having gone 3-8 in 2000, despite being ranked #3 preseason. South Carolina had just completed one of the biggest turnarounds in history by winning 8 games in 2000, after losing every single game in 1999. At the time, South Carolina had NEVER IN HISTORY beaten Alabama. Alabama was coming off a 31-10 thrashing of Arkansas, and I worked with a guy who was from the state of South Carolina. We talked alot of trash the week of the game, leading up to Saturday. Finally, on Friday it got so heated that I told him there was no way in HELL they were going to beat us, and I would put 50 bucks on it. He took the bet.

The next day I watched as Alabama would put up over 500 yards of offense on the way to a 36-24 lead with only minutes to go in the game. I was dancing in the living room. Obviously, Bama was about to win the game, my friend was going to have to shut his mouth and pay me 50 bucks. How could Bama lose when they were up 36-24 with only minutes to go. Final score: South Carolina 37, Alabama 36

I still, to this day, blame myself for that loss. I talked to much trash that week, and bet MONEY on Bama. And they lost. I was paid back for my arrogance and overconfidence

There are many examples throughout the rest of my adult life where I have made a bet on a sporting event, or when I have gone to a casino. I always, without exception, lose. It doesn't matter the odds, or on who I bet. I lose. God doesn't allow me to win bets. It's my only conclusion

And now, I have foolishly put myself in a position to have to pay 20 bucks to watch Auburn win a game, that I want desperately for them to lose.

So Bama fans, if you find yourself like me during that game, and rooting passionately for the Bulldogs, and at the end are disappointed to see Auburn win yet another game they should have lost...well, I'll take the blame for that.

And Aubies, you're welcome. Now go out and get your asses kicked, please

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