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Monday, August 15, 2011

SEC Expansion: Believe It When You See It

Hey everyone, Texas A&M is going to leave the Big 12 and join the SEC!!!

That has been the talk for the last week. It's clear that A&M has had enough of being the Texas Longhorns' little brother, and would love nothing more than to just get away from them. And what better way to thumb your nose at the pompous cattlemen than to join the premier conference in the entire US of A?

I was personally looking forward to the Aggie fans chanting "SEC SEC SEC!" during the Texas A&M-Texas game this fall.

That still could happen, but for now A&M has been told to hold their horses, so to speak.

Today, the SEC presidents held a meeting in which they voted to table the idea of expansion for now, despite all the reports from all these people out there who think they know what they are talking about. Even ESPN reported that A&M to the SEC was a done deal.

But us Alabama and Auburn fans know quite alot about reporters and media outlets jumping the gun and reporting bullshit about us. Cam Newton, Dre Kirkpatrick, Trent Richardson, Michael Dyer, Greg Robinson, Nico Johnson, Mark Ingram, and Reese Dusmukes (Just to name a few) would ALL agree with me on that.

That statement, and the fact that I included Cam in it, does NOT mean that I think AU is innocent in it's recruitment of Cam, or in any of their other recruiting efforts. Nor do I think Bama is entirely clean either. But like the SEC with Texas A&M, I am tabling THAT conversation for a later date when and if it becomes relevant again.

Over the last several days, I've had many of my friends ask for my input on the possible expansion of the SEC. After the report that A&M was DEFINITELY joining the SEC, there were reports that the SEC was also possibly going to add Florida St, Clemson, and Missouri. I withheld writing about it, even though you might think it would be a salacious topic for me to delve into. Because I KNEW it was premature.

My response to my friends who asked for my input was that I was taking the wait and see approach, and I was correct to do so. I could've fired off an excited or worried post on Friday. I could've done like most and just taken for granted that this was all set in stone.

But I did what I think most of us should do when alot of these stories come out. Wait. And. See. It's very easy, and tempting, to want to be one of the first to report something, or write about something. But sometimes, it's best to wait, and not look like an idiot

As far as A&M goes, I'm not really afraid of them. I see them as ZERO threat to Alabama. For the record, they are 53-72 all time against the current six teams in the SEC West. But honestly, I think the SEC is tough enough as it is, and we don't need to add to the level of competition. We don't have to justify ourselves to anyone. We have won the last five National Championships. The last FIVE. And it is probably about to be six this year, with that defense in Tuscaloosa.

We are the SEC and we don't need anymore second tier land grant schools. We already have Auburn

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