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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Goodbye Gene Chizik

I have really tried for awhile now to NOT use my blog to write about Auburn. But today is a special occasion. This can't be ignored.

Phillip Marshall wrote an article today that states that Gene Chizik is all but gone. Auburn President Jay Gogue has spoken to several members of the Board Of Trustees and told them he is putting together a plan to replace Chizik, ASAP. He told them that one of the main candidates to replace Chizik is Shawn Watson.

I know, I know. You are all saying the same thing: WHO?

I had to google him myself. He is currently the offensive coordinator at Louisville.

He is also the QB coach there, which is a plus for AU. Anyone who has watched 5 minutes of an Auburn game this year knows that they don't have anyone on the roster who knows how to throw a ball, and they are getting no coaching in that regard. That is obvious.

Watson was also a member of the Miami Hurricanes staff for seven years in the late 80's, early 90's, so he would be well versed in the pay for play cheating ways of a program like Auburn. Trooper Taylor could hang around!!!!!

As far as his head coaching record, he coached for 3 years at Northern Illinois and posted a record of 11-22. Hey, that is at least an improvement over 5-19, you have to admit

Auburn fans are killing me getting mad at Jay Gogue for considering hiring a guy who is a coordinator right now to be their head coach. They say you can't take a chance on a coordinator at this point, if you want to win you HAVE to hire a PROVEN HEAD COACH. Well that is a true statement.

The problem for these Auburn fans is that the only proven HEAD COACH that Auburn could get right now would be Bobby Petrino, who they are on a high horse right now saying they do not want. It's true that Petrino is a scumbag. Everyone knows it now. There was a rumor recently that Mike Slive has asked SEC coaches to NOT hire Petrino.

But who thinks Auburn does anything based on what others outside of Lee County think? They are the loveliest cult on the Plain. Why would they listen to the boss, or follow rules at this point?

So you can throw morals and the Auburn Creed and all that other bullshit out the window, get Petrino, and probably WIN GAMES.

Or you can get a coordinator and be Auburn. Sit around the campfire, sing Kumbaya, hold hands, and roast marshmallows and talk about how much better people you are than everyone else, while the rest of the SEC continues to dominate your ass for the next DECADE!!!!!

Do they want to win?

For me personally, it is hilarious and AWESOME that the best Auburn can hope for right now is a piece of shit for a head coach or a coordinator that they would be, at best, taking a chance on.

From All In to All Out in only 22 months. That is damn impressive

Good times, my fellow Bammers. Good times.

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