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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My 3 Worst Days As A Bama Fan: No. 2, Arkansas 2006

No. 2. Alabama @ Arkansas 2006

This one stood as the No. 1 worst day of my Bama fan life for 4 years. It was unbelievable. And not just because of the final score. Not just because Leigh Tiffin missed FIVE kicks, that pretty much ALL would've won the game if he had made any of them.

I watched this game at the house of a friend in Jemison, AL. I had been working with Billy for a couple years and we had become good friends at work, but had never hung out away from work. So he invited me to come over and watch the game and drink some beer with him and his family.

I've always been nervous about the Arkansas game. Every year. Even THIS year. I'm more afraid of them than I am of any other team, annually. It's absolutely illogical, especially recently. We've been kicking their ass on a high level of late, but I still fear them. 2006 will never leave my mind.

It took a few years of Saban for me to get over my chronic Shula-itis. Shula-itis is a long cured disease that was characterized by a deep seeded fear that no matter the lead you had at halftime, you would fall off in the second half, mainly due to depth issues, and either barely hold on for the win at the end against a lesser team, or completely shit the bed and lose to a better team than you, that you could've beaten. 

When this game ended with Arkansas kicking the game winning extra point (God, that is embarrassing to even say. Game winning EXTRA POINT), in overtime, I was so mad that I just got up and said I was going home.

At this point, I had drunk about 12 beers and was pretty intoxicated. And I was about 20 miles from home. And it was the middle of the afternoon. It was also POURING rain outside.

My friend's trailer that he lived in had about a 1 ft drop off between the floor level inside and the front porch. When I was leaving, I had forgotten this, and when I went to leave, I fell out the door and landed on my knee on this porcelain frog that Billy had on the porch, splitting open my knee and bleeding all over the damn place. I laid there on his porch, bleeding profusely, drunker than Pat Dye on a Finebaum Monday, being soaked by the pouring rain (Even God was crying). I laid there for about 10 minutes. Crying. Finally, I got up, cleaned my knee up and drove home. I drove home VERY drunk in the middle of the afternoon. Good thing I didn't get pulled over or kill someone. I went home and drank several more beers and went to bed. At like 7pm. I didn't get over this game for the rest of the season and I still haven't. Thank God and Nick Saban that we haven't lost to Arkansas since, and with the exception of the 2010 game, which we had to win at the end, we have dominated them and blown them out every year

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