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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My 3 Worst Days Ever As A Bama Fan. No. 3: 2007 La. Monroe

I thought I would take a moment away from posting about current football events and tell y'all a few stories about the worst experiences I have had as a Bama fan. The three Bama losses that hurt me the most.

In countdown fashion, I will start with No. 3

Billboard in Louisiana later that year. Sigh.

This was of course the most unexpected loss I have endured as a Bama fan. At the time, in November of that year, I was in the middle of a 7 month relationship with a girl who was a HUGE Auburn fan. She was just as crazy for AU as I was and am for Bama. It was also a bad day on a personal level already, because her grandfather, who was a great man, was in the hospital and we went to visit him that day.

The game kicked off while we are at the hospital and I wasn't much paying attention to this game, or even caring that much about it. It was a weak opponent that we were going to blow out, and the grandfather was a more important priority that day. We left the hospital at halftime, and put the game on in the car on the drive back to my girlfriend's house.

I wanted to see how badly we were beating them. We must have been whipping their ass. Even though this was basically a Shula team being coached by Saban, and I had grown accustomed to Bama playing down to little teams under Shula, I wouldn't have expected it from Saban.

So I turned on the radio, and we were only winning 14-10. I was disgusted.

Oh, and I also had the flu that weekend and was sick as hell.

We got back to her house and I felt so bad that I told her I was just going to go lay down and take a nap. I figured even though we were only holding a slight lead at the half that we would surely pull away at the end. Castille or someone would get a big pick or Arenas would run one back or something. I didn't trust JPW to do anything about it.

I woke up 4 hours later, actually feeling alot better, and asked my gf how the game ended up. She didn't know, cause she hadn't been listening to it or anything, but she was sure we had ended up winning big. 

I went outside and called a good friend of mine to ask how bad we ended up beating them? Now, he wouldn't have expected me not to have listened to every minute or the game, since it wasn't on the radio. I was not known to miss a second of any Bama game and I'm still not, whether it's televised or not. So he thought I was joking or something for some reason.

"ARE YOU SHITTING ME?", was his incredulous response.

Ok, so did we not win by much? Did we look like shit still in the second half? What happened?

"WE LOST, MAN! WE LOST TO LOUISIANA FREAKING MONROE". I edited his language there.

I went back inside and informed the gf, at which point I had to hear it from her obnoxious loudmouth Barner ass.

I got drunk and went back to bed.

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