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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

SEC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME (Part 1: History) (And a small look back on the Iron Bowl)

I realized that I never did a post game review of the Auburn game, which I intended to do. I don't want to take up much time with it, but I will give you some quick thoughts that I had immediately following the game.

Quick Look Back On The Iron Bowl

I'm supposed to be classy and humble in victory.

I'm supposed to remember how not so long ago, Alabama was crying for a new coach and better players and a better team and program.

I'm supposed to congratulate Auburn on their effort and be a good sport, but I just can't muster up the lack of self respect that would be required for me to propagate that lie.

I don't feel sorry for Auburn. I never will. I don't feel any remorse for anything I say about Auburn or their players or their fans. They are all worthless.

The only regret that I take away from this year's Iron Bowl is that we sat on the ball at the end and ONLY scored 49. The all time record for margin of victory by Bama against Auburn was 55-0 in 1948. Why not go for the record?

If you look at what Auburn did after the knee that we took, you couldn't help but think we should've just gone for the TD and scored 56. You know we could've. We could've scored 70 if Saban had wanted. And I don't know WHY he didn't want to.

After we took the knee with 11 seconds left to END the game, on Auburn's 5 yard line, Auburn called a time out just so they could get the ball back for one play, in order to get their RB Tre Mason over 1000 yards, since he was 2 yards shy of that at the time. You could see Saban's hysterical and hilarious anger at that move. So you know he wishes he had scored again.

After losing for 6 years in a row, I will never tire of curbstomping the barn. No margin of victory will ever be enough for me. This one was alot of fun though

Anyway that's about all I have to say about that. Now on to bigger things than that little school down the road.

Alabama vs Georgia: A little history

Saturday night will be the 66th meeting between the two schools. Alabama won the last meeting in the famous "Blackout" game in Athens, where Georgia and it's fans all dressed in black and got all fired up and ready to get their asses whipped.

Alabama strength and conditioning coach Scott Cochran famously was overheard screaming at the team during practice that Georgia was wearing black because they were going to "A motherfucking funeral".

"This was supposed to be a blackout, but it's a public mugging instead" - Brent Musburger at halftime when it was 31-0 Bama. Bama had been pretty big underdogs in that game. Georgia was preseason No. 1 that year and this was the 5th game of the season with both teams undefeated. People had yet to realize that Mark Richt's teams were as undisciplined and unprepared for the spotlight as they are.

Alabama's 1895 football team
This game has alot of historical significance. It is the 3rd oldest rivalry in Alabama history. Alabama and Georgia are the SEC's two winningest programs, with more than 1600 victories between the two. They have combined for 34 SEC titles (Bama having 22 of those), over 100 bowl games and over 60 bowl victories.

The first time the teams played was in 1895, when Georgia won 30-6. It's funny, Auburn won it's first meeting with Alabama as well. Turns out Bama doesn't like being beaten. It's historically proven to be a bad sign for the initial winner.

The teams have played in 6 different cities: Atlanta, Athens, Birmingham, Columbus, Montgomery, and Tuscaloosa. 

Georgia was Alabama's first opponent in 3 different locations: The Birmingham Fairgrounds in 1905, Cramton Bowl in Montgomery in 1922, and Legion Field in 1927.

From 1971-1982, Alabama and Georgia won every SEC Championship. What if the SEC Championship Game had existed in those days? It would've been the Bryant-Dooley Bowl.

Alabama has won 36 of the 65 meetings, with 4 being ties. Georgia has only won 24.

The first game that Joe Namath ever started was against Georgia in 1962. He whipped their ass that day 35-0. It's kind of a tradition.

In 1965, Georgia cheated to win the game when they pulled this hook and ladder BS at the end of the game and scored, despite the fact that everyone could see that the ball carrier's knee was down. Everyone except the ref. Too bad we didn't have replay in those days

It's Jay Barker and Eric Zeier in 1994. And Michael Proctor's game winning FG.

It's Kevin Jackson's THREE interceptions in a 31-0 beatdown in Athens in 1995.

Kevin Jackson
Georgia didn't beat Alabama in Tuscaloosa until 2002. Dennis Franchione can rot in Hell.

Alabama's SEC Championship Game History

The first SEC Championship Game was played in 1992 in Birmingham. Alabama won that game against Florida, thanks to Antonio Langham's heroic interception, on the way to a National Title.

This is Alabama's 8th appearance in the game, but it is the first time that the opponent is not Florida.

Alabama is 3-4 in this game, largely due to losing to Florida 3 out of 4 tries in the first 5 years this game existed and Florida had Spurrier and Wuerfel or however you spell it. I hate Florida.
My favorite game of all time is of COURSE the 2009 game when we made Tim Tebow cry. It was so much awesome. We had lost to Tebow in 08 and everyone was saying that it was great that we went undefeated through the season again, just like in 08, but we weren't going to beat Tebow. That 32-13 game was one of the sweetest moments I've enjoyed as a Bama fan.

This was just Part 1 of my Alabama-Georgia blogging this week, as there is too much to go into and I don't want any post to run too long for y'all.

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