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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dre Kirkpatrick Arrested

By now, most of you know that Dre Kirkpatrick was arrested yesterday and charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana. Also charged was Chris Rogers, another former Bama player.

The initial reaction was a mixed bag of ignorance. On one hand, of course, you had the Auburn fans who wanted to laugh about it. That is expected. And they can sleep well tonight knowing that none of our players have been arrested recently on charges of HOME INVASION or anything like that. Just simple possession of pot

On the other hand, you have Alabama fans who are acting like Dre shot someone, or committed some other crime against humanity. The dude simply was in possession of a drug. For personal use.

I will use one person's facebook post as one example. This is an Alabama fan, who last night, posted the following:

"Dre Kirkpatrick....this is so sad....I thought you were a great person....But apparently, you had us all fooled...what a waste of great talent"

Ok, seriously????

Dre is in a position right now to make millions of dollars in the NFL Draft in a few months. He is projected to be a very high pick, even as high as the top 10 of the first round. He is a father. To say that it showed really poor judgment for him to put himself in this situation in the first place, with all that is on the line, is an understatement. It is really dumb for him to allow such a thing to happen, with all that it could cost him.

But he's a bad guy now? A waste of talent?

Give me a break

At the end of the day, I don't expect this to affect Dre too harshly. Sure, it might raise a few questions, and it could cause a team or two to pass on him

But someone I know, who knows Dre's sister, told me that Dre tested negative in the drug test upon being arrested. That his blood and urine were clean. So maybe it was a case of wrong place, wrong time. Maybe he wasn't even actually using the stuff, just was in possession of it. He was rolling with someone who had something he shouldn't. You never know the true details of these things

He simply made a mistake. He showed poor judgment. And technically speaking, because it is against the law for now, it was a crime. It's also against the law to drive above the speed limit. I drove 75 miles an hour on the interstate yesterday afternoon. That is 5 miles ABOVE THE LAW. I know this makes me a bad person too

I'm sorry. I'm just not too upset about someone smoking weed. I'm much more concerned with things that, you know, actually hurt other people

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