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Friday, January 13, 2012

Sal Sunseri Leaving Alabama

Sal Sunseri has been Alabama's Linebackers Coach for the last few years. He's been one of our best recruiters and one of my favorite coaches on the team. His son Vinnie was a freshman safety at Bama this year and is a future star. 

Sal is leaving Alabama to be the Defensive Coordinator at Tennessee. I understand that he wants to move up, as every coach does. It's totally normal for a guy to want to move to a higher position

This reminds me of when Lance Thompson left Alabama in 2008, for Tennessee, and then had to watch Alabama win 2 National Titles.

I always laugh every time I think about Lance. He was seen as our top recruiter at the time, and got recognition as one of the top recruiters in the country.

Yeah, that was a big loss. Our recruiting has stayed the same, just as I expect it to without Sal

Nick Saban is the reason for every amount of success at Alabama these days, and will continue to be so.

No matter who the assistants are

"I love my Dad. I'll root for him every day of the year, except for the third Saturday in October" - Bama Safety Vinnie Sunseri, one of my favorite young guys on the team

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