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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Should I Stay Or Should I Go? (Tide Players Declare today)

Trent Richardson, Dont'a Hightower, Dre Kirkpatrick, Robert Lester, Barrett Jones, Chance Warmack, DJ Fluker

These guys are all draft eligible at the conclusion of this past season. Every one of them could decide to leave Alabama and declare for the NFL Draft, if they chose to do so

Alabama will hold a press conference at 1pm Central Time today for all these guys to announce their decisions

At this point, Lester, Jones, Warmack, and Fluker have all stated that they will be returning for another season. Fluker is technically a Sophomore, though this is his 3rd year since he redshirted as a Freshman. So DJ could potentially play two more seasons for the Tide if he wanted

It is widely assumed that Hightower is gone. This was actually his 4th season at Alabama. He became a starter as a true freshman in 2008, before tearing his ACL in the Arkansas game in 2009. The NCAA granted him a Medical Redshirt, so 2009 didn't count toward his eligibility. So he could come back next year, but considering that he already has suffered a major injury, he should announce today that he is leaving

Kirkpatrick hasn't indicated anything one way or the other, and nobody really knows what he is going to do. My personal guess is that he will leave, but that is just my opinion.

Trent should definitely leave early and go ahead and play in the NFL in 2012. He is going to be a high first round pick, probably one of the top 10 players drafted. Which means millions of dollars. Trent also turns 22 in June and if he comes back to Alabama next year, he will be 23 when he does finally get to the NFL. Everyone knows that running backs have the least amount of years they can last in the NFL. Trent also has two daughters who he could provide for if he left. Nick Saban always advises players that if they are going to be a high 1st round pick, they should go. With all that said, I am expecting Trent to go

It also wouldn't surprise me if he came back. He has made it clear several times how difficult it would be for him to leave Alabama and how much he wants to stay another year. He stated last night that he still hasn't made his decision and I believe him. Trent loves Alabama and wants to play for the Tide another year. But will be choose to do so, or will he choose to go ahead and move to the next chapter in his life? Like I said, I think he will move on, and best of luck to him in the future. He has 2 rings, and he should've won the Heisman Trophy. Not much more he could've done for Bama

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