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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


In 2008, when Nick Saban was first recruiting AJ McCarron to be his future QB, AJ told Saban that if he came to Alabama, he would win a National Championship for Nick.

Just wanted to point that out, cause it's AWESOME!!!!

AJ is the only sophomore QB to ever win a BCS National Championship game. And we have him for two more years! I'm really excited about his future.

This was so 1992 of Alabama. The way it all went down. LSU players even played their part by being loudmouth dumbasses in the days leading up to the game. And it was in the same stadium

Will Blackwell, a starting offensive lineman for the Tigers, was one of the worst. He stated on ESPN that he didn't feel that Alabama deserved the right to play them again. Then after the game, he said that it was the worst officiated game he had ever seen, blaming the refs. When asked why they weren't as prepared, he basically stated that it was because they didn't consider Alabama to be a challenge so they weren't able to get excited about playing them again, since they had already beaten them

I'm really glad they felt that way. Way to man down, Will.

It's truly incredible to consider some of the things that happened on Monday night. Alabama is not only the first team to win a national championship game in a shutout, but they are the first team to win a BCS bowl in a shutout. 

They held LSU to only 92 yards in the game. TOTAL. Trent Richardson had 96 yards rushing by himself, including the final dagger, a 34 yard TD run in the 4th quarter, the only TD scored between these two teams in 8 quarters of play and overtime

LSU's Jordan Jefferson only threw the ball for 53 yards. That's hilarious

AJ McCarron threw for 234 yards. Which is more than previous Bama QB's Greg McElroy, Jay Barker, and Steadman Shealey had thrown for in the past 3 Bama National Championship games COMBINED.

"So I want everybody to think here for a second, how much does this game mean to you? Cause if it means something to you, you can't stand still. You understand? You play fast! You play strong! You go out there and dominate the man you're playing against and you MAKE HIS ASS QUIT! That's our trademark! That's our M.O....as a team! That's what people know us as!"

That was Nick Saban's pregame speech to the team before the 2008 Alabama-LSU game. It may have taken a few years, but this team made good on that speech in a way that no Alabama team had in the last 3 seasons. 

They made LSU quit. Somewhere in the 3rd quarter, it was clear to everyone that LSU wanted no more of Alabama. They were done, and they knew it. Les Miles could've put in Jarrett Lee to try to get something going, since it was obvious that Jefferson didn't have a prayer. But it wouldn't have mattered. And he knew it

This Alabama defense was prepared for everything LSU could possibly do. They were prepared in a way that I have never seen a defense be prepared. 

In the 44 days between the Iron Bowl and this game, Alabama's players and coaches watched 5 years of film on LSU. They watched every offensive play LSU had used since 2006. They were prepared for absolutely ANYTHING that could happen. And nothing LSU could do was going to work. And it didn't

The thing that I hope people take from this, and I've already seen enough to know better, is that I hope they give credit where it's due. Most people's initial reaction was to wonder why in the world LSU looked so poor on offense. 

Why was a team that had averaged 38 points a game all year unable to get across the 50 yard line more than ONCE?

Why did Les Miles not turn to Lee, when it was apparent that Jefferson wasn't going to get anything done?

The answer to that first question, if you are honest with yourself, has nothing to do with the ability of any of LSU's offensive players or the execution of any play they attempted. 

It is simply because Alabama, in 2011, had one of the best defenses the sport has ever seen. And in this game, they had the greatest defense of all time. This was a performance like none that has ever been seen on defense, and there isn't a team in the country that was going to score against Josh Chapman, Damion Square, Jesse Williams, Nico Johnson, Dont'a Hightower, CJ Mosley, Jerrell Harris, Dre Kirkpatrick, Dequan Menzie, Demarcus Milliner, Robert Lester, and Mark Barron on Monday night, January 9, 2012

It wasn't going to happen

And it didn't

The answer to the second question is simple. NICK SABAN MADE HIS ASS QUIT!!!! He knew he wasn't going to be able to beat Bama at that point, and he gave up! He quit trying!!! Because Alabama's stifling defense was too much 

On the other side of the ball, why did college football's Defensive Player Of The Year get completely and totally abused and embarrased the entire night?

Because he couldn't cover MY fat ass, that's why! Tyrann Mathieu is not a good cover corner. He's not even the best defensive back on his own team. That would be Thorpe Award winner Morris Claiborne. No, the "Honey Badger" got his fame from making big plays cause on almost every snap, all he was focused on doing was trying to strip the ball out or force a fumble, instead of playing sound football, or doing anything at all that would resemble covering or tackling

As someone else put it so well, Tyrann Mathieu is more overrated than stuffed crust pizza AND Dan Mullen

Oklahoma St head coach Mike Gundy, stated that he feels like his team would've played much better and would've at least scored some touchdowns, because they would have thrown the ball 50 times, as he put it

Sure, Mike. And we would've had 5 or 6 interceptions instead of 1 and we would've scored 40 or 50 points on your ignorant ass, instead of 21. Get over it, 44 year old man. Everyone else knows better

And all you're doing, is being like most people around the country

You're just hating. 

Haters gonna hate

Hate on

Alabama has now had National Championships in '25, '26, '30, '34, '41,'61,'65,'66, '73,'78,'79, '92,'09, and '11. The win-loss record for these 14 teams combined is 157-7

I don't know when the next National Championship is going to happen, but who doubts it will be in the next 2 or 3 years?

"What I wish I could do with my final AP ballot: Have a three-way tie for second between Bama, LSU and Oklahoma St. All too flawed for No. 1," - Seth Emerson, AP voter, Hater, dumbass

"Credit where it's due. Starting with Nick Saban. That was an absolute masterpiece. Go ahead and put that one in a time capsule, and blast it into orbit. No turnovers. No points. And absolutely no mercy. And they did it right in LSU's backyard. They bumrushed them in their own crib, they drank all their beer, they partied with their ladies, and they left with the trophy. There are a handful of great college coaches, but with 3 BCS titles, and a virtual guarantee that he will add to that number, it is now the Nicktator and everybody else. This cat is in a class all by himself" - Jim Rome, speaking the truth

Roll Tide

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