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Friday, September 23, 2011

Arkansas: Some Thoughts

God. The Arkansas game is finally here. Each year, from January to September I look forward to this game. This is always the first SEC game of the year for us and sets the tone for our season. All you have to do is look back to 2006 to see what can happen to an Alabama football season when it starts off by losing to the Hogs.

Did I just mention 2006? OK. Well, I guess this is where I tell the story of that day for me and how it was the second worst day in my life of being an Alabama fan. (The 2010 Iron Bowl was the worst)

I watched the game at a friend's house 20 miles from where I lived at the time. Much alcohol was consumed. Much more with each miss of a field goal or extra point by the leg of then freshman kicker Leigh Tiffin. Leigh would go on to become an All American for us, but this was his first major test and Shula did him no favors, putting him out there like that time and time again. Anyway, this is not going to digress into a rant about Shula. That could be really ugly.

Anyway, when the game was over...and I don't even remember what time it was during the day, but I was single at the time, and the way I handled an Alabama loss at the time was to pretty much just go home and go to bed. But anway, when the game was over, I went to leave my friend's house. I was extremely inebriated. This was the first time I had ever been to his house so I wasn't accustomed to the 12 inch drop from the living room floor to the porch. I was drunk. It was raining like all hell outside. And I was drunk. My friend had a porcelain frog on his porch. The thing was really pretty big. And being drunk, I misjudged the step, fell onto the frog, knee first, busting up my knee pretty badly

I laid there on my friend's porch for several minutes. In the rain. Bleeding. Drunk. And crying like a child. And Bama had just lost in ridiculous fashion. To a team who should never have the right to beat us

We can not win enough consecutive games against them to make up for that day, for me.

Arkansas fans kill me. Every year, they enter the season talking shit like they are the New England Patriots or something. Every year, they say this is the year that they beat Bama and contend. This is THE YEAR. And every year since Saban has taken over in Tuscaloosa, we have made them look foolish.

But that's the fun part. If you don't acknowledge reality, then you aren't bound by it's ramifications. And Arkansas fans clearly don't own up to any truth, as it relates to their team and it's place in the college football world

Arkansas is NOT an elite football program. Not in the SEC. Or anywhere else. They are NOT championship contenders

They never have been, and they never will be

But they believe they are. They think they are better than everyone else and they have absolutely no reason to think that. It's pretty comical to me

One quick serious note. If you want to really REALLY get mad at an Arkansas fan, go LOOK AT THIS.


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  1. Dude that pic is just wrong. Good blog. You always get me in the mindset, ready for the upcoming game. Razorbacks are going down! RTR!!!