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Friday, September 16, 2011

God Is An Auburn Fan

Over the course of the last 17 games that Auburn has played, there have been at least 7 or 8 times when I predicted a loss for the Tigers. I wasn't the only one. Most people saw the weak defense, and how they had to come back from large deficits time and time again. And most just figured they would HAVE to lose at some point. No way they could keep that up.

And most have been wrong.

If you go back to the Northwestern game at the end of the 2009 season, you will see a pattern of just downright improbably ridiculousness when it comes to how Auburn games have unfolded. They always seem to be down, but then they always win. Ever since that game.

There have been 7 or 8 different occasions where something crazy would happen in the game, and it would ALWAYS go their way. I mean, how many times can you get down by 10 or 20 points and still win? How many times can you see space between the ball and the stick when measuring whether AU got the first down or not...and then see the ref signal first down...? How many times does a Heisman Trophy winning running back, who NEVER fumbles, get caught from behind by a defensive lineman, fumble the ball...and then how many times have you ever seen a ball bounce in a straight line, down the sideline, for 30 yards, and out of the endzone. I could go on and on. And on. It's crazy

Never have I seen a team that could suck so bad, and play so well when it mattered, and still come out victorious.

Never had I seen a team that could have the worst defense in the SEC, and not get beaten. By anyone. ALL YEAR.

You can call it good coaching. You can call it perseverance, or playing hard. You can say, if you are an Auburn fan, that maybe they are just that good. I don't hold that last opinion. In fact, I feel like, even though they won the National Championship last year, they were probably the 3rd or 4th best team in the SEC. Time and time again they beat team after team, including a couple that were better than them. The lucky calls and breaks and freak plays always went their way.

Heading into this season, many fans like me were giddy at the prospect of Auburn finally getting what they deserve. When you look at the fact that they lost over 30 players from last years team, you HAD to think they would be awful this year.

And so far they HAVE been awful. In the first game against Utah State, they were down by 10 points with 3 minutes left in the game. Obviously it was over, right? Right? Not so fast.

I was watching the game with a friend, who is also a Bama fan. And whether you believe me or not, he could confirm this story, as could my wife and a few others who were around:

I told them that this is what would happen: Auburn will quickly score a touchdown. Then they will kick an onside kick, recover the kick, then score another touchdown, and win the game.

Because that's how they roll these days. (I really did call  that. I shit you not)

And then this past week, after seeing how bad they looked against a lowly opponent, most people felt that MSU would be ready to beat Auburn. Again, most people were wrong

How many times have you seen a QB throw a pass that goes right off the helmet of one player and straight into the waiting arms of a DB who takes it to the house?

How many times have you seen a team drive the length of the field with ease, and look like they are going to tie the game easily, sending it into overtime, only to be stopped LESS THAN AN INCH short on a boneheaded play call.

Over the last year, we have all seen this idea from many Auburn fans of God being on their side. Gene Chizik started it, after the Clemson game last year...which they should not have won...when he said after the game that it was a "God Thing"

Well, you know what? Maybe he was right

It's not hard to compete with linebackers, safeties, and linemen. You can stop the occasional running back or wide reciever. You can intercept a pass and win a game. You can easily beat a team when you are clearly so much better than them. Under normal cirumstances.

But you can NOT compete with the Lord Jesus Christ.

And if He wants to see his favorite football team continue to win games, even when they shouldn't, they will continue to do so.

Auburn 45 Clemson 37

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