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Friday, September 16, 2011

The Week That Was And Will Be (Week 3)

The Week That Was

Of the games that I picked, I was only wrong about Auburn. Which is becoming a trend for most everyone. Seems to be the circle of life these days, to quote my rival blogger Ross Collings (WHOSE BLOG YOU CAN READ HERE) Step 1: Pick Auburn to lose. Step 2: Watch Auburn win. If you want to read more of what I think about what's going on with Auburn these days, go here: God Is An Auburn Fan

Like I said, I was right on all of my predictions, as far as winners and losers go, with the one exception. I even came close to nailing a couple scores perfectly.

I said that Alabama would beat Penn St 27-13. The actual score was 27-11. See my extended look back on this game here: Penn State: A Look Back

I said Michigan would pull out the victory in the end against Notre Dame, 34-28. I was correct in that they pulled it out in the end, and I only missed the actual score, 35-31, by a few points. This was one of the most exciting games I have ever seen. I can't tell you how much I love Denard Robinson. Great kid. What a player. And it might seem hypocritical to some, because we all know Saban can lose it on the sidelines, but after the way Brian Kelly acted towards his QB during the South Florida game, I really hope he loses as often as possible. Saban can get really pissed, and everyone saw when he smacked AJ McCarron on the ass, but I think there is a fine line in being a fiery coach like that, and just being an asshole and getting entirely too angry. The way Kelly was screaming and as red as his face got, it looked personal. He just rubs me the wrong way. Either way, Notre Dame can go to Hell.

I predicted that Tennessee would pull out a close victory over Cincinnati, 24-20. I had no idea that UT would absolutely open up a can and win the game by 20 points or whatever it was. Tyler Bray appears to be really becoming a great quarterback and their receivers, Rogers and Hunter, have already earned my hatred. Don't like saying it, but I think the Vols are a team on the rise. Not that I think they will win the East this year, but they could certainly beat a few teams along the way

I figured South Carolina would beat Georgia, but this was another game that didn't go exactly the way I thought. I thought SC would have their way in a rout, but this was an exciting game right down to the last second. What I take from this game, is the future of the SEC looks really bright with Isaiah Crowell and Jadeveon Clowney. Good Lord, these guys look awesome. That one play where Clowney busted through the line and just slung Murray to the ground, causing a fumble, was sick. He looks like an NFL player right now and he is a true freshman. Crowell looks to be this year's version of Marcus Lattimore. The Georgia running back is only going to get better as the year goes on. This league is definitely Running Back U right now, with guys like Lattimore, Richardson, and Dyer. Add a fourth name to that list.

Auburn continues to pull win after win out of their ass. You can read what I think about how Auburn is doing here: God Is An Auburn Fan

The Week That Will Be

Alabama doesn't play an overly interesting game tomorrow, but there are still a few games I am looking forward to

The first game of the day will kickoff at 11am. Auburn and Clemson. The Tigers and The Tigers. The game is in Clemson, so that's one plus for those of us who want to see Auburn lose. This is one of those games that Auburn should have lost last year, as they were down freaking 17-0 at one point. Clemson has a new quarterback also, and their running back from last year, Jamie Harper, is in the NFL now. Harper made the play of the game last year, so not having him is a negative for Clemson. But from what I hear, Andre Ellington is a very good back, and honestly, you don't need to be much more than average to gash this Auburn defense. On the other side of the ball, Clemson also no longer has their best player from the past couple seasons, Da'Quan Bowers. But they do have a few of the best young prospects in the country in linebackers Stephone Anthony and Tony Steward, and Lateek Townsend. I'm really not sure how much these guys have played so far but they arrived on campus with alot of fanfare. Fatass Spencer Region also plays for Clemson, and he should enjoy watching from the bench as the team he could've been playing for beats up on the team he will ride the pine for. Auburn will win this one in exciting fashion no doubt. 45-37

At 11:21, Vanderbilt and Ole Miss kick off in what will surely be the least interesting, most boring game of the day. I really like James Franklin, and I think he will do really well somewhere else down the road. He has Vandy off to a 2-0 start. Franklin said that this isn't the same old Vandy anymore. He's wrong, but I like that he feels that way, and I think his team will play hard for him. They haven't started off 3-0 since 2005, but I think this is the year they do it. Mark Richt thinks Houston Nutt is on the hot seat. This game could be the beginning of the end for him. Vandy should get this one with the help of my boy Larry Smith from Prattville. 20-13

Oh, if you need a reason to really like James Franklin, go read This

At Noon, Georgia plays Coastal Carolina. Yawn. 53-13 Dawgs

At 2:30, Tennessee travels to the Swamp to take their annual beating at the hand of the Florida Gators. Ah, but not so fast. This could be the year that Tennessee gets it done for the first time since 2003. Tyler Bray is really good and I stated before what I think of their receivers. Derek Dooley has Tennessee headed in the right direction. Still, I think the Gators are too talented. I've stated how much I like Will Muschamp and I think the game will come down to the performance of 4 men: William Green, Sharrif Floyd, Ronald Powell, and Dominique Easley. That is the Florida defensive line, who I think will do a well enough job of disrupting most of Tennessee's offensive endeavors. I think Tennessee will keep it respectable for awhile, but the Gators will pull away at the end, 34-20

At 5:00, South Carolina plays host to Navy. I've seen at least one site that is predicting Navy to put a scare into the Gamecocks, but I don't see it. Navy has the nation's leading rushing attack right now, but South Carolina is really good on defense, and freshman Jadeveon Clowney will have himself another big highlight sack or two. Lattimore will rush for at least another 150 yards and South Carolina should win this one fairly easily, 31-10

At 6:00 Kentucky faces Louisville at home. The Wildcats have been an embarrassment so far on offense. Morgan Newton only resembles Cam Newton in name and physical build. Other than that, he's not a legit SEC QB. Louisville, on the other hand, LOST TO FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL. So I'm really not sure which way to go with this one. I'm gonna stick with the SEC and say UK pulls out an ugly win, 17-10

The last two SEC games of the day both kickoff at 6:30

Alabama hosts North Texas. The last time Bama played North Texas, it was the 3rd game of the season. It was the week before the Arkansas game. The final score was 53-7. It was 2009. I already expect a repeat of 2009 in most every other way, so I'm gonna say this one sticks to the script as well. AJ McCarron has established himself as the leader of this team, in my opinion, but this will be another opportunity for Phillip Sims to get some game action and hopefully improve. Like I've said before, I believe Phillip will be outstanding down the road. He was just not as ready going into this season as AJ was, when it comes to being able to play with consistency and lead this team. Every chance Phillip has to play, he needs to make the most of it. Trent Richardson really needs to have a monster game this week, as well as next week against Arkansas, if he is going to show that he belongs in the Heisman talk and if he is going to be considered one of the best backs in the country. I expect him to get enough carries to run for 150 yards if he plays well enough. Also, the line will have to create more running lanes for him, and AJ will have to throw the ball well to keep the defense honest. I expect Eddie Lacy to look every bit that part of a superstar when he gets in the game though. I think we have the best running back duo in the country. Jalston Fowler will also get his chance to play in this one, and I expect a few big runs from him also. This is also the week that we get Darius Hanks back. We've yet to see him this year, and he could be our best receiver if Maze isn't. So he will help the cause as well. As far as Duron Carter...who in Hell knows. I'm not even gonna think much about him until I see him on the field. Bama will cruise, 59-3

I would LOVE it is Troy could somehow muster a close game and scare Arkansas a bit, who will no doubt be looking ahead to their ass beating in Tuscaloosa next week. Not a chance though. Arkansas 51-20

Outside Of The SEC

At 2:30, Notre Dame will play Michigan State and try with everything in them to not start the season 0-3. GOD, I want them to lose this game. I won't even lie. I've already stated earlier how I feel about Brian Kelly now, and everyone knows I hate Notre Dame. I think Notre Dame pulls this one out though, 27-20

At 6:30, it is time for the Ineligibowl! Ohio State travels to face Miami. The Buckeyes are ranked 17th in the country, but that is only because they are Ohio State. Miami gets their quarterback Jacory Harris back. With so many players missing from both teams, it is incredibly difficult to even begin to predict how this game will go. I think Ohio State quarterback Braxton Miller, who is a true freshman, will be great down the road so I'm hoping to see as much of him as possible in this game. This is based on absolutely nothing at all and, as just a complete guess, will probably be way off, but I'm going to predict a Miami victory 28-24

Probably the biggest game of the day nationally will be the Oklahoma-Florida State game which kicks off at 7:00. Oklahoma is ranked No. 1 in the country, and deservedly so. Their QB is probably gonna win the Heisman and this is the only big game they will play all year. Florida State has a great young QB in EJ Manuel who could use this game to propel himself into the national conversations. The guy is really good. Oklahoma beat FSU 47-17 last year in Norman, but everyone is predicting this game will be closer in Tallahassee this year. I still think Oklahoma will win pretty easily again. Sooners 35-24

Random News And Notes

LSU Coach Les Miles had my favorite quote of the week when he said his running backs must have "A hand reminiscent of ball security". That's poetry, folks. Pure and simple.

Jordan Jefferson had some of his shoes returned to him by the police earlier in the week. Still waiting to see what comes of all that

Auburn defensive lineman Nosa Egua has a song that he has listened to before every game since his junior year in high school: The Dixie Chicks' Not Ready To Make Nice. He says it just really gets him pumped up. That's awesome

SEC Commish Mike Slive said that he hopes Texas A&M will be able to officially join the SEC before next season, and that the SEC is already moving forward with plans to have a 13 team conference in 2012 and 2013

Florida Sophomore linebacker Dee Finley was arrested this week for driving with a suspended license and resisting arrest. They say he got violent with the officer and is being charged with a felony. But it's not his fault. Finley is from Auburn, AL, after all

Georgia's true freshman running back Isaiah Crowell was officially named the starter this week by Mark Richt. It was only a matter of time, as Crowell had 158 yards against South Carolina. This guy is gonna be one of the best

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