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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Alabama-Western Kentucky Preview And Prediction

This one should be easy to figure out. I'll go ahead and spare you the suspense. I'm picking Alabama to win this game. 

At least I hope they do. I mean the Hilltoppers are pretty tough. They held mighty Austin Peay to less than 200 yards total in the game last week and their defense is great at stopping the run. Ok enough comedy.

Seriously though, here's some info on WKU if you don't know much about them:

  • They play in the Sun Belt and their head coach is Willie Taggart. 

  • They opened the season this past Saturday by beating Austin Peay 49-10. 

  • We've only played them once before, beating them 41-7 in 2008. Saban apparently loves to score 41 points in a game

  • Last year was just their 3rd year in the Sun Belt and they had their very first winning season, going 7-5, but being left out of the bowl picture

  • The only statistic that they finished in the top 50 nationally was Rushing Offense. They were 35th nationally, and led the Sun Belt. Obviously, this will be a problem for them against Bama if all they're good at is running the ball. Cause that won't be happening.

They do have almost everyone back on offense from last year's team, but like I said...we shouldn't be worried about that. They could borrow Marcus Lattimore for the game and still have trouble against this D, with the talent they have

For all the trouble we had kicking field goals last year, WKU would've gladly traded our problems for theirs. They attempted 20 FG's last year and only made 5. F I V E. Out of 20. Ridiculous. And dude was 0-2 last week.

WKU did, however, do one thing in the regular season last year that we did not do: They scored a TD against LSU. College Football is full blown retard sometimes

This is the kind of game that will be good for us between Michigan and Arkansas. Arkansas will be the real first test of the season. There were plenty of things that we did defensively in this last game that Arkansas has the passing ability to take advantage of. My thought, though, is that we play so many different looks on that side of the ball that our D will probably look vastly different against them than it did against Michigan. For example, when....



Back to the topic and team at hand.

This should help: 
Yeah. Seriously.
Not only that, but Western Kentucky PLAYERS and COACHES are actually talking trash.

"My dad hated Alabama. My mama hated Alabama. I hate Alabama" - WKU Defensive End, TJ Smith. His parents aren't going to be too fond of DJ Fluker and Cyrus Kouandjio this saturday

"We're going out there and we're gonna play football. We're going to go out there and we're going to win this ballgame" - WKU Head Coach Willie Taggart. To be fair, Taggart was an assistant coach for Stanford when they defeated USC in 2007 despite being 41 point underdogs.

I mean, I understand being confidant. I fully approve of and promote that. Anybody that goes out on a football field, no matter who they play for, and no matter who they are playing against, and EXPECTS to lose should be benched or fired. Of COURSE they think they can win. Of course they are going to TRY to. This is how they SHOULD think.

But when you are this big an underdog against this powerful an opponent, DO NOT go talking shit publicly about them! Why would you do that???

I have never seen a kitten walk up to a lion, spit at it, insult it's mama, say "I'm gonna kick your ass", and come out of that successfully. 

Really, why would you poke a stick at a beast that is obviously way bigger, stronger, faster, and tougher than you are? Of course you are going to give it everything you can. BUT SHUT YOUR MOUTH AND PROVE IT FIRST.

Then have all the fun in the world and put up a damn billboard about it the way La Monroe did in Louisiana when they beat us in 2007. Sigh


On to how I think the actual GAME will go:

AJ will start the game throwing the ball around, I think. Lacy, Yeldon, and Fowler will make several big runs and we will have something like a 35-0 lead at the half.

Then we will see a ton of the young guys, starting with backup QB Phillip Ely, who I hope to get to see throw the ball a few times at least.

There really isn't much more to go into with this game, as it's really just a warm up practice game for the next week, to get guys healthy, and to get the new guys some experience

I think we probably give up a cheap TD at the end in garbage time with nothing but 3rd stringers and walk ons on the field, but end up winning big still

55-7 Bama


Arkansas fans. "Nuff said.

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