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Monday, September 3, 2012

Week One (A Look Back)

This is where I re-visit my predictions I made last week and brag about what I was right on and own up to the stupid stuff I thought would happen. I have alot of bragging to do, but first I will admit to where I was wrong. 

Actually...I wasn't wrong about anything. That's right, my friends, I correctly predicted EVERY single winner AND I was almost SPOT ON with the scores. I've never been more accurate. Hopefully this starts a trend

1. South Carolina vs. Vanderbilt

My prediction was a South Carolina win 23-13. South Carolina won 17-13

2. Tennessee vs. NC State

My prediction was a Tennessee win 31-27. UT won 35-21

3. Auburn vs. Clemson

My prediction was a Clemson win 30-20. Clemson won 26-19

4. Boise St vs. Michigan St

I correctly picked Michigan St to win, though it was closer than I thought it would be

5. Notre Dame vs. Navy

I picked Notre Dame to win, and got it right, but I thought it would be a close game. Instead Notre Dame blew Navy out

6. Kentucky vs. Louisville

Are we seeing a pattern here. Of course, I picked Louisville to win easily, and that they did

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