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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Week Two ( A Look Back)

I know I only predicted 3 games (4 if you include the Bama one), but once again I was perfect on picking the winners. Only 2 weeks in, but I am 10-0 as far as just picking winners (11-0 if you count the Bama game this week, which I don't cause that was obvious). READ MY FULL BAMA-WESTERN KENTUCKY RECAP HERE

With my 10-0 record, I was once again very close on a couple of the scores.

Auburn vs. Mississippi St.

I predicted MSU would win 23-16. I gave Auburn far too much credit, as it was a little more in each direction with MSU winning 28-10. Kiehl Frazier might be either the worse, or least prepared QB to play for AU in awhile. Up next for Auburn is La Monroe, which should be an easy victory, right? Well except for the fact that LaMo just knocked off Arkansas and AU looks like they are already giving up the season. It's gonna be almost impossible for AU to get to a bowl this year.

Georgia vs. Missouri

I predicted Georgia would win and exciting game 41-37. I was definitely right about it being exciting, and Mizzou hung in there until the 4th quarter when UGA pulled away, winning 41-20. So I NAILED the UGA score, but thought Mizzou would keep up a little better. Jarvis Jones might be the best LB in the nation. Mizzou defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson stirred up some shit in the week before saying that Georgia was boring and was "Old man football", adding that they played "Really intense football" and that nobody in the country could touch them. That was a good move and definitely proved to be true. Until Mizzou beats someone, I refuse to accept them as a member of the SEC. They are currently Big 12 perpetrators, as far as I'm concerned. In over their heads, for now.

Florida vs. Texas A&M

I should go to Vegas, they tell me. I predicted that Florida was going to win a 4 point game, 27-23. I wasn't far off, with Florida winning 20-17. I love that sign on the right that an A&M fan held up during College Gameday, referring to their head coach Kevin Sumlin. I'm on board with A&M being in the SEC, but it remains to be seen how they will hold up to the schedule. They should've won this one, but I don't think they're gonna win more than a few SEC games this year. At least Florida has settled on a QB and I'm looking for the game with Tennessee this week.

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