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Sunday, September 2, 2012

HELL TO THE VICTIMS: Alabama-Michigan Recap (With Links)

Michigan's fight song is called Hail To The Victors. The title of this post is more appropriate a description for what happened in Dallas on Saturday night.

The Cowboys Classic certainly was billed as being a much better game than it turned out to be. It was pretty much over before it got good and started. As soon as AJ McCarron completed a 2 yard pass to Michael Williams, on a perfect fake, for the first TD of the game, it was easy to tell that Alabama was miles ahead of Michigan in talent and ability

It was 31-0 at halftime. 

To borrow something I saw earlier, AJ McCarron and friends wrote another chapter in a book called Fifty Shades Of Whoopass

Michigan is a good team. Perhaps a REALLY good team, and they will contend for the Big Ten title. They were ranked in the preseason top 10 for a reason. They won 11 games last year and returned one of the most exciting players in college football today, Denard Robinson.

Robinson rushed for over 1,700 yards last year and passed for over 2,000. He is the ONLY quarterback in history with such stats. And he will still rack up similar stats the rest of the way. But he only rushed for 27 yards against Bama and threw 3 INTs. It should've been 4 or 5, but there were a couple of dropped opportunities by Bama DBs. This will be the low point of his season

Our defense, which the national media incorrectly thinks is mostly new players, completely dominated, just as they did all of last year. Losing a handful of draft picks off that side of the ball did not appear, at least on this night, to have caused any drop off.

The thing that the media and fans from around the country don't realize is that of the 15-20 guys you saw on the field on defense tonight, only about 3 or 4 are really playing for the first time. Most of these guys rotated in and out last year with the guys we lost. There wasn't a drop off during games last year when these guys came in, and there doesn't appear to be one this year. Alabama will once again have one of the best defenses in all of college football, if not THE best

And Alabama is the best team, from top to bottom, in the entire country. Again. And I don't think there is much competition. Only LSU can match Bama in talent, and their new QB Mettenberger went out of their first game tonight with a mild concussion, though he is said to be fine

At the end of the day, this is still the SEC vs. the Big Ten and the results haven't changed since 2006. It's funny that this streak of SEC dominance over that conference began in 2006 with Florida whipping up on Ohio State 41-14 and continued tonight with Bama whipping Michigan by the exact same score.

It didn't matter that Michigan was without their starting RB, who was suspended. It wouldn't have mattered if Desmond Howard had been on that team. Alabama is the most dominant team in college football, all the way across the board, and one or two players would not have made a bit of difference for Michigan.

Nick Saban is a freaking terminator. Before the LSU game in 2008, he famously gave a locker room speech that included the words, "MAKE HIS ASS QUIT". Nick was referring to individual matchups for the players, but Nick has destroyed one team's season or another, or one coach or another every year since that one. 

Starting off 2008 with the stomping of Clemson, leading to a downward spiral for that team and the firing of their coach. Sylvester Croom, Phillip Fulmer, and Tommy Tuberville were also ALL fired after shitty seasons highlighted by beatdowns at the hands of Lord Saban.

Every time you turn around, it seems like we are putting an opponent's QB out of the game. Starting with Colt McCoy in the 09 BCS Championship game, then Florida's first AND second string guys last year, and Denard had to leave the game a couple times tonight. We just make your ass QUIT. That's the way it is now and it's not gonna change anytime soon

So hate on, Bama haters. It's gonna get worse for you.

Notes And Quotes

  • TJ Yeldon is the first running back in Alabama football HISTORY to rush for more than 100 yards in his first game as a true freshman.

  • 3 Michigan players were hurt in the game. That's just the way it is when you play Bama. Saban said when he came here that he wanted the identity of his team to be that of a team that nobody wants to play. When you see Alabama coming, you say, "Man I hate playing these guys". Saban has perfectly built a monster squad that lives up to that goal

  • Amari Cooper's pinky was popped out of place during the game

  • 7 true freshmen played their first games Saturday night: Yeldon, Reggie Ragland, Dillon Lee, Amari Cooper, Kenyan Drake, Geno Smith, and Landon Collins. Of these guys, of course Yeldon had the breakout performance, but Lee made his first career interception in the game so I'm sure that was a great moment for him.

  • CJ Mosely had a 16 yard INT return for a TD. It is the 3rd pick-six of his career, tying Antonio Langham for the Alabama record. It was the 26th non-offensive TD of the Saban era.

  • There were 4 defensive players that left the game with injuries. Robert Lester with a shoulder stinger. Jesse Williams with a mild concussion. Reggie Ragland with a sprained ankle. And Trey DePriest with a sprained ankle. They will all be fine.

"Thank you to all the fans and your support. And to Floyd Mayweather, you wish you had $3 million back" - AJ, on Twitter, referring to the fact that the boxer placed a $3 million bet on Michigan, and obviously lost badly

"We didn't play Michigan Football today. You guys could see that we didn't come to play ball today" - Denard Robinson. Well, no shit Denard. Maybe there's a reason for that. Try as hard as you can, and maybe you just can't do much against a group of guys that are just better than you. I like to make excuses too sometimes, Heisman candidate.


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