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Friday, September 7, 2012

Week Two Preview And Predictions

You can read my full in depth Alabama-Western Kentucky Preview Here

As far as the other games that matter to me:

1. Auburn vs. Mississippi State

In Starkville, MS. LOL
The Cam Newton Bowl. At least that's what I'm calling it. This has become a nasty series recently, with AU outbidding the Bulldogs in the sweepstakes for the greatest player of all time and rented mule extraordinaire, Cam Newton.

Since Dan Mullen has been MSU's coach, he has yet to beat an SEC West team not named Ole Miss. If he's ever going to do it, this is his chance. I won't be surprised if he does. I won't be shocked at all if he doesn't

In each of the last 2 seasons, including the one when Newton was Auburn's QB, MSU had a chance to win at the very end and shit the bed. Mullen just gets too overexcited about this game or something and then doesn't know what to do in crunch time. But obviously, he's a great coach. At least that's what they'll have you believe

MSU started this season against Jackson State, so there is absolutely no way to know how good they might or might not be. This will be when we see them for the first time really.

Kiehl Frazier was inconsistent in the Clemson game and then showed some immaturity by calling out the WR's publicly in the media. Of course he did. I don't expect him to play all that well, and other than Tre Mason, AU's running game is trash. Mason should make some good plays, but not as much as he did against Clemson

State has one of the best cornerbacks in the country in Jonathan Banks, and he will be a difference maker, picking off a pass in this game. 

Both offenses are iffy at the moment, but I think State has the edge at QB, at least right now, in Tyler Russell, who has a handful of decent wideouts to throw to. I think MSU's defense will stop Auburn just once or twice more than AU will stop them

Mullen finally gets it done

Mississippi State beats Auburn, 23-16

2. Florida vs. Texas A&M

There is alot on the line for both of these teams. Nobody wants to be the first SEC coach to lose to A&M, and A&M would love to show that they immediately belong in this league. Personally, until further notice, I'm rooting AGAINST the Aggies, as well as Mizzou, cause I don't consider them proper members until they earn it.

But at the moment, it appears that A&M, or at least their fans, are getting with the program. A billboard was placed in Gainesville, FL that read in part: "Howdy Gainesville. You've been annexed by Aggie Nation. Real Football. Real Tradition". That is a very SEC Fan thing of them to have happen, I must say. 

Will Muschamp had the follow awesome line: "You ever been to College Station? It'll be the only time you go". In response to that, Nancy Berry, the mayor of College Station, sent Muschamp a welcome basket that includes tickets to the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum, a bottle of wine from a local winery, some Aggies clothing, and a list of things to do there. I love this shit. Nothing better than this part of the country for football.

To hell with it, I'm totally on board with the Aggies being a part of the SEC. At least their acting the part.

As far as the actual game is concerned, Florida has decided upon Jeff Driskel as their starting QB. I think it's a good decision, but we should still see Jacoby Brissett when there is the opportunity. Florida's offense looked like trash last week against freaking BOWLING GREEN, but they should have a better handle on things with a more settled situation here.

The Aggies, on the other hand, are starting a freshman, Johnny Manziel in their first game against the greatest football conference in America. In their first game of the season, since their game against La Tech last week was postponed because of Hurricane Isaac. Despite Florida looking as bad as Auburn, at least they had a game to play like that and work out some problems. 

At the same time, Muschamp added that he told Driskel this is his team now and "I don't want you to be looking over your shoulder, but you need to play well".

So in other words, if you screw this up I will go all Steve Spurrier on you. That should work out.

For all the ineptness that we should see from the QB position, this game will feature two good running backs. Mike Gillislee for the Gators, and Christine Michael for the Aggies. I will not make fun of a dude for having a girl's name. I will not make fun of a dude for having a girl's name. I will not....

Ok, where were we?

These two backs should make some really nice plays and it should resemble an actual SEC game, despite including a team that has never played an SEC game. Both teams are decent on defense.

I think with Florida having the game last week to work some things out, it will ultimately give them the edge. It should be a good game, that comes down to the end.

Florida, 27
TAMU, 23

3. Georgia vs. Missouri

"I watched the game. I turned it off, too. It's like watching the Big Ten. It's old man football." - Mizzou DT Sheldon Richardson, on Georgia and their first game. He also went on to say that they play "So high intense football" at Mizzou, that they could play with anybody right now and that they were ready to beat Bama. Good one, Sheldon. I love the shot at the Big Ten there though. LOL.

UGA QB Aaron Murray responded with, "I don't know what that really means. Either way we have to play to win, it's a W at the end of the day. We could play powder puff football for all I care".
I swear I thought that said "Jock Itch" at first.

These new SEC teams are so cute right now with their bravado. While I have embraced Texas A&M fully, I am pulling 100% for Georgia to embarrass Mizzou and most specifically Richardson. He thinks they are ready to play Bama and could beat anyone right now. CLUELESS. It would be awesome to see them just get annihilated in this game.

And I think they will. At least defensively. But Georgia is reportedly going to be without 4 of it's defensive starters who are suspended. Of course Georgia has a couple of stars suspended. We go through this the first couple games of every season.

So I'm thinking this will be an entertaining, high scoring affair, much like the UGA-South Carolina game last year. That game was Isaiah Crowell's coming out party, though he pissed away his career in the end at Georgia.

This year's star freshman RB for the Bulldogs is Todd Gurley, who ran wild on Buffalo last week. But that was Buffalo, so we shall see how he fares this week and going forward. I suspect neither defense will be able to stop the passing game very much.

On a side note, Missouri's head coach Gary Pinkel got a DUI during the offseason, so he should fit in very well with the culture of UGA football and he and Richt should have some interesting conversations. 

I'm gonna say that Georgia eeks this one out, 41-37

Go Dawgs!

Yeah, this is pretty much it. Other than the Bama game, these are the only 3 games worth watching for me so this is all I'm gonna predict. There are several big games next week though, so I look forward to that

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