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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Interesting And Entertaining Fan Comments Re: SEC and Bama

The following are fan comments taken from different places around the internet, whether they be ESPN articles or blogs/team sites:

's biggest tactical error on Sat night was not leaving JerryWorld ten minutes into the 1st quarter. - Michigan fan on mgoblog.com

's dunderheaded coaches decided on a strategy of not running away at top speed apologizing profusely - mgoblog

Suggested  strategy vs : GO LIMP. Jesse Williams may believe you are rotten and wander off in search of salmon. - mgoblog

 would have made ANY team look bad. If I were  I'd lose a few games in upcoming weeks to avoid the embarrassment. - ESPN article

Playoffs should expand to 6-8 teams so  has shot. It won't be fun to watch 4  teams battle it out yr after yr. - Wisconsin fan, ESPN

 fan on ESPN:  West looks a lot like the NFC East.  fan response: The SEC West can't be won with a 9 win record.

There are plenty of teams that could whip 's behind...the only problem is they play on Sunday.  - ESPN

I pity  if they do meet . Better hope some other sacrificial lamb has honor of being crushed under Bama's jackboot - Pac 12 fan, ESPN

Anyone else want to say the  is over-rated? Anyone? Bueller? - Oregon fan, ESPN

 practice squad > Big10 All Star Team - New Mexico State fan, ESPN. Ok, it's HILARIOUS when New Mexico St fans are making jokes about you

If you haven't already started binge drinking you may have a brain tumor, so... yeah. Binge drink. - mgoblog, during the game

Credit to Living Crimson for these

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