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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Week 3 Preview and Predictions

You can read my full Arkansas-Alabama game preview and prediction here

As for this weekend, there are a few other games I am interested in. The game I'm starting with should tell you all you need to know about the marquee team in said matchup. It's hilarious that this is even a game worth previewing or considering. But here we go.

1. Auburn vs. Louisiana Monroe

Sad. Just sad. This Auburn team, under Gene Chizik has started the season 0-2. This is not Chizik's first go around. Not his first or second year. This is year 4 for Chizik, and just last year at this time, Auburn was the defending national champion. 
LOL. Auburn's slogan from 2010.

And they are only favored by 16 points over a sun belt team that would be a 40 pt dog to Bama if we played today.

Nick Saban lost to the Warhawks in his first year at Bama. But that was a year of transition and disarray with former coaches players, etc, and not much leadership. That should not be the excuse if Auburn loses this game. We shouldn't even be entertaining the thought of AU losing this game. But it is very much a possibility, and alot of people think a probability. including several of my friends who are Auburn people.

Auburn appears to have one of the most inept offenses I have ever seen. It's clear that Sophomore Kiehl Frazier is NOT ready to be a starting QB in the SEC, or probably any other conference right now, but he is their best option. Auburn is also starting two freshmen on the offensive line, along with a couple other young newcomers that aren't ready, and only one veteran. They don't have a legit SEC sized and strong player at RB currently. Their only reliable receiver is a good one in Emory Blake, but really beyond Blake and center Reese Dismukes, it's hard to find any others on this side of the ball that could compete for starting jobs on any other SEC teams aside from Ole Miss and Kentucky.

If Chizik loses this game, AU will fall to 0-3, with LSU and Arkansas as their next two games. They are staring at a 1-4 start to this season, regardless of today's outcome. But I think they are going to start 0-5.

Yes, I think they are going to lose to La Monroe. And it's not just one thing that I'm basing this on. It's everything. Any way that I try to analyze this game, I can't see La Monroe not being the very likely victors.

The Warhawks QB threw for around 500 yards against Arkansas last week, in a WIN over Arkansas. He RAN about 20 yards for the game winning score in overtime. He is going to give this AU defense, which doesn't appear to be any better than any of the last few years, absolute HELL. Auburn's players AND coaches appeared to completely give up on the game somewhere around the beginning of the 3rd quarter against MSU last week. If they lose this game, they may give up on this season, and Auburn Mafioso Pat Dye may be looking for a new yes man.

Basically, I bring it all down to 2 questions? 

1. Can Auburn keep Monroe from scoring 20 points in the game. Under 20? I don't think so.
2. Can Auburn SCORE 20 points against ANYBODY right now? I am not sure. 

So I think Monroe will win this game, and that is the prediction I am going with. Now Auburn might play very well against this opponent, which IS a less talented team overall, and Monroe might still be hungover for that upset of the Razorbacks last week and AU might blow them out and make me look like an idiot. And if that happens, I will own it, even though AU will still lose the following 2 after this one.

La Monroe 23
Auburn 16

I have no reason for posting this. None.

2. Florida vs. Tennessee

While the Alabama-Arkansas game may have lost out on College Gameday because of Arkansas losing last week, Nick Saban's coaching children are damn happy to benefit from it. 

Derek Dooley and Will Muschamp are little light versions of Nick Saban. But thus far without the winning. This week, one of them is gonna be on the right path for this season at least. Whoever wins this game, will be looking forward to a possibly really good season, expecially if it's Tennessee, and the other will probably suck the rest of the year.

Hell, they might BOTH suck the rest of the year anyway. We really don't know about either of these teams yet. Florida barely beat Texas A&M and UT handily beat NC State, but those aren't great barometers at this point yet either.

I think these teams are similar in alot of ways. I think they have a similar level of coaching talent. Not that much, but about the same.

The difference for me is at the QB position, where Tennessee has a potential star, and Florida has just now decided who their guy is even going to be, and he doesn't have it together yet. 

It's this lone difference that I will go with when I call for the Vols to win. Also, Tennessee has better receivers for their superior gunslinger. I'll be rooting for Florida to win because to hell with Tennessee, but I think I'll be right on this one

Tennessee 34
Florida 23
I refuse to post a pic of hot girls wearing UT logos. So we'll just go ahead and assume that Florida has the hotter girls.

3. USC vs. Stanford

Do any of y'all really care about this game? I'd say I don't, and I really don't other than the upset possibility. It would be hilarious and awesome if Stanford could pull off the upset, but I'm not gonna call it.

Matt Barkley 49
Stanford 35

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