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Friday, August 17, 2012

2nd Week of Fall Practice Wrap Up (And A Funny Video)

At the indoor practice Friday

Alabama finished up this week of practice getting ready for their next scrimmage tomorrow. This week involved alot of guys moving around positions, as Saban does this every year, just trying guys out in different spots and seeing everything that everyone can do. This is why he recruits typically very versatile athletes. So maybe we shouldn't read to much into where guys are right now in these first practices, even though I did that on the first day, getting excited about Eddie Williams playing WR, cause he looked like Julio Jones, before we lost a couple DB's and he got moved to Safety. But nevertheless I will still fill y'all in on where guys have been moving around to this week and what they have been doing

  • Amari Cooper wasn't at practice today. That was the rumor earlier in the day, and it had me a little worried, cause I'm really looking forward to this kid and I think he will be a star. The reason for the misinformation was that he was not with the other WR's during the one short period that the media was allowed to view. But he did drills with them after the media left, and everything is fine there
  • Freshman Brandon Greene was working at LT behind Cyrus Kouandjio today. He was getting some really intense coaching from Jeff Stoutland
  • Saban said that DJ Fluker is the most physical player he has ever coached, and he reminds him of Flozell Adams at Michigan State. DJ responded: "I don't know if I'm the most physical, but I definitely get down with it"
  • Alabama's kicker competition remains a three man race between Cade Foster, Jeremy Shelley, and the incoming freshman Adam Griffith
  • Redshirt Freshman Malcom Faciane appears to be the next in line at TE to Michael Williams
  • Damion Square said that he is very confidant about Alabama's young defense, saying that "Some of these guys are a secret", and insinuating that we would be perfectly fine with the guys who are replacing all our lost veterans
  • There was a formation on D that had Vinnie Sunseri and Ha'Sean Clinton Dix on the field at the same time with Robert Lester. That excites me greatly, as I don't want to chose between Vinnie and Ha Ha. Clinton-Dix gave a good interview Wednesday, saying that he got the name Ha Ha because that's what his grandmother called him as a kid. He said that Saban LOVES his name
  • They also worked on having Nico Johnson and CJ Mosley on the field at the same time too. They are both great players, who have had to share time, rotating at the same position, so it'd be great to see them out there together as well. Saban is all about getting the best players on the field, so I think we're gonna see some new stuff like that this year, with all the new young talent competing for limited positions
  • New Offensive Coordinator Doug Nussmeier has been working really closely with true freshman QB Alec Morris and giving him some really tough coaching. If he makes one mistake, he is told to do something over and over again until he gets it right. It will be interesting to see if Morris redshirts. I'll say again that I don't think he will, because I think he will be AJ's backup this year, moving ahead of Phillip Ely, and seeing the field right away in mop up duty in the blowouts
  • Darius Paige has been cleared to play at Foley High this year, and everything has been proven to be on the up and up in that situation with his transfer from Pensacola for academic reasons
  • Saban said that Kenny Bell has had some "nagging things" through fall practice so far, but that Kevin Norwood has really had a great camp and is stepping up into that leadership role. I think Norwood is gonna be our go-to veteran for the next couple years
  • Saban continues to praise AJ McCarron's progress and maturity, calling him a perfectionist this week and saying that whenever a play doesn't work, you can see him kicking the ground and yelling at the other players and getting things right. I am so in man-love with AJ McCarron right now
  • Thursday, we got a look at what appears to be Alabama's Dime package on defense at this point, with Sunseri, Lester, Clinton-Dix on the field with Deion Belue and John Fulton as the outside corners and CJ Mosley as the lone linebacker in the middle. That's gonna be a scary pass defense when it all comes together

This was from Wednesday, but it is some really good stuff from one of our greatest offensive linemen in history

And another good one from DE Damion Square


Yahoo Sports with a pretty good article about Alabama's title defense that I think everyone would enjoy reading

GREAT ARTICLE from Athlon Sports about the best QB in the SEC

It got out this week that Michigan is practicing what they call the "Duece Package", with 2 QB's on the field at the same time. So I'm glad Saban will be prepared. You can read about that HERE

Robert Lester feels good about the Alabama secondary in 2012

DJ Fluker said that AJ and Saban are "just like brothers"

HA'SEAN CLINTON-DIX I love this guy

Now for something that is funny as hell!

This guy calls himself Clemson Tom. He is a huge Clemson fan, who recently traveled to Auburn to make this AWESOME trash talking video in preparation of Clemson playing Auburn on Sept 1. It's really funny, but I think he should take into account that Sammy Watkins is suspended and not supposed to play against AU before he goes threatening them with Sammy. But like I've said before, I think Sammy will still end up playing, so either way. This guy is welcome to come hang out with me any time he wants though

According to something my Auburn friend Will Duncan tweeted, it appears that alot of Clemson fans might not think the guy is too funny, though. You can see evidence of that HERE

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