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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Few Stories To Pass The Time (IS IT NEXT SATURDAY YET???)

Alabama Defense 101 - al.com

Saban's Influence Felt Across All Levels Of Football- TideSports

This is a pretty cool story about Kirk Heidelberg, who was an assistant for Saban at Toledo for only one year, but still uses what he learned from Saban in his job coaching in the German Football League

Former Saban Assistants Keep Tight Circle- TideSports

Saban Assistants By The Numbers - TideSports

A Total of 15 former Saban assistants are now coordinators in college or the NFL. 12 former assistants are current head coaches. Here are some of their stories. Saban builds men, y'all!!

Tide Works On Depth Issues - TideSports

No Crimson Tide Pop Tarts For You - Roll Tide Daily

Kelloggs has partnered with five schools - Michigan, Arkansas, Florida, North Carolina, and Georgia - to put their logos on pop tarts. Why not Alabama? I WOULD BY SOME ALABAMA POP TARTS AND YOU WOULD TOO!!!!!

The Opponent - Michigan

Here are a few stories about Michigan that y'all might find interesting, leading up to the game

Oklahoma School BANS Michigan clothing

No shit. Check this out

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