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Monday, August 20, 2012

AP Voter Puts Michigan No. 1 (With Quotes/My Responses)


"I think they had all summer to get ready for Alabama, and I think there will be a little bit of a hangover with Alabama"

That is the quote I will start with. This is from Bob Asmussen, of the Champagne News Gazette in Illinois. He has voted Michigan No. 1, being the only one in the whole country to think that highly of the Wolverines. Alabama is favored by about 12 points right now over Michigan, but he has Alabama 3rd in his poll

It sucks that Michigan had all summer to get ready for us, and we had to sit around not preparing at all and just waiting to get blindsided

Nico Johnson says that he has never seen more intensity in the fall scrimmages in his entire time at Bama than he sees right now. Alot of guys on this team remember the 2010 hangover and complacency and are using that as motivation to not let it happen again

Despite that, it sucks that they are gonna just go through the motions and not even really try. Another advantage for Michigan, clearly, since Michigan will be motivated and Alabama will not

"When I look at Alabama, I'm not looking at the Alabama offense. Remember, Trent Richardson isn't there. McCarron is just OK, not great"

When I look at Michigan, I also remember that Mike Hart isn't there. Neither is Tom Brady. Or Braylon Edwards. Or Jake Long. Players move on. And they are replaced.

It really sucks that all we have to work with is Eddie Lacy, who would've started for about 10 or 11 of the other teams in the SEC last year. I know we'll do poorly with Jalston Fowler, who has received MUCH praise this offseason for his improvement from last year. And he was already a beast last year. TJ Yeldon, the number 1 player coming out of high school in the state of Alabama, a running back that Auburn fans were comparing to Bo Jackson before he flipped his commitment to Alabama, enrolled early, and at a time when he should've still been a senior in high school, led the Alabama offense (that sucks) in rushing and receiving and was the MVP of the spring game. Man, it's just terrible how badly this offense sucks without Trent Richardson. I mean, we all saw how badly it sucked last year without Mark Ingram, WHO WON THE HEISMAN! We were completely lost when Trent had to fill in. Oh, and then there is Dee Hart, who led the most recent scrimmage in receptions, and Kenyan Drake, another freshman who people are overlooking, but who could easily get some playing time this season. Michigan's RB situation includes a starter that might not even play against Bama because of a DUI arrest, and then a couple running backs behind him who aren't as good as most of the guys I just mentioned

AJ McCarron is just "OK". I hate that the guy leading our team is the same guy that led the SEC in passing efficiency, completing 67% of his passes, while throwing for 2,600 yards and only 5 INTs. He somehow managed to be unfairly named the MVP of the BCS National Championship Game, a game in which it was all put on his shoulders and he played his best game ever. Man, that guy isn't that good at all. Don't know how we'll complete enough passes to score against Michigan's D, who is replacing their entire defensive line and will be playing against the BEST offensive line in the country. Thank God, we'll at least be able to protect AJ, so he has plenty of time to survey the defense and try his best with his limited abilities to hopefully find someone to throw it to.

"If you look at their history, the Crimson Tide don't win back to back titles"

1964, 1965.....1978, 1979....

In the history of the AP poll, Alabama has 8 AP titles. Half of those were in back to back fashion

I'm not really gonna go into this one any further than that

"I mean, Alabama isn't going to score 60 on anybody, so I think Michigan will hold them off"

I see his point here. Cause if we have a hangover like 2010, that he is referring to, then it'll be hard to score 60 on ANYBODY like we scored 62 on Duke that year and 63 on Georgia State. Yeah, we are totally incapable of scoring 60 points on ANYBODY

"I know they got hit a little hard on the offensive line, but there's probably some offensive linemen lying around. I'm not worried about that part. And on defense, I know they got hit a little bit, but I know there's players there"

This was in reference to Michigan after he said the following:

"People forget that Alabama got absolutely clubbed on defense", referring to all the guys we lost

Expert analysis here. I'm really scared of all those players that Michigan has lying around that are gonna just easily replace the guys they lost, compared to the fact that we don't even HAVE anyone to replace the guys we lost. What are we gonna do, let some fans try out for those vacated spots? Cause we clearly don't have any players prepared to step up. It's impossible that we might

We should probably just go ahead and concede this loss, and chalk it up to the fact that Brady Hoke is a great coach with a great coaching staff, as Asmussen points out. Cause it's not like we have a great coach or a great coaching staff

Michigan will easily win. It's obvious

Credit to AnnArbor.com for the quotes

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