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Tuesday, August 28, 2012


2012 Depth Chart
Norwood making the Honey Badger his bitch

Wide Receiver

1. Kenny Bell, Jr./Kevin Norwood, Jr.
2. DeAndrew White, So./Amari Cooper, Fr./Marvin Shinn, rFr
3. Christion Jones, So./Danny Woodson, Jr.

We are so loaded with great young talent at this position. Marquis Maze and Darius Hanks were both good players for us for several years, and they will be missed, but this group is the most talented, top to bottom, at Alabama in a very long time. All of the guys listed above would be starters at 7 or 8 SEC school.

Bell and Norwood could start for anyone in the SEC and as far as I'm concerned, by the end of the year, there may not be many guys better than Kevin Norwood in the SEC. While Norwood is a leaping freak with great hands who will catch almost anything thrown his direction, Bell is more the speedster that is a home run threat. Norwood is more likely to jump over his opponent, as seen above, to make a possession grab, while Bell is likely to end up behind his defender on his way to the endzone

Kenny Bell
Amari Cooper is the young guy to watch this year. He is only a true freshman, and has been hampered with a toe injury the last week, but that is minor and he is supposed to be fine, maybe by now, but at least by the Michigan game. Saban has personally mentioned him several times and it has gotten out that he has really looked great in practices and in the scrimmages. There are people who think he could be our best receiver, talent wise, so he's a guy to watch nationally as well down the road

Amari Cooper, the next big thing

DeAndrew White and Marvin Shinn are both tall guys who can go up and get it. I've always been a fan of White's, and Shinn has been awesome so far in fall camp as well.  Christion Jones has a good chance to replace Maze as our return man

Our 3rd receiver slot after Bell and Norwood is going to be a fight between 3 or 4 guys who are equally able to take it, and the best way I can put it is to say that all you have to do is look back to 5 or 6 years ago and remember guys like DJ Hall, Matt Caddel, Keith Brown, etc. While they were all serviceable guys from 05-07, None of those guys would be in the top 3 of this group, and Hall set records at Bama

I don't think I'm going overboard either. This group of completely FULL of legit elite talent, and with the QB to get them the ball, I think we are going to see alot more deep passing this year than we have seen at Bama.

"I think we have maybe the best chemistry we have had in a long time between the quarterback and receivers" - Nick Saban

Tight End

1. Michael Williams, Sr./Jalston Fowler, Sr.
2. Malcome Faciane, rFr/Brian Vogler, So.
3. Harrison Jones, So./Brent Calloway, rFr

Michael Williams is a solid player, and perhaps the only TE in the SEC that I would take over him might be Phillip Lutzenkirchen at Auburn. He's one of the leaders of the team as well. A great guy on and off the field and totally deserving of all his success. Fowler is a suprise here, but he has been moved around lately, and yes, he has played some TE this fall. Saban wants to have him as involved as possible. He has LeRon McClain type talent in the rushing and passing game and is too good to keep off the field. While Vogler has been here a year longer, it has appeared at times that Faciane has been playing right behind Williams in practice. Harrison Jones and Brent Calloway are solid backups who will both contribute this year and down the road

The Future

1. Cyrus Jones. 5 stars. No. 6 in the nation. Class of 2012
2. Ardarius Stewart. 4 stars. No. 10 in the nation. Class of 2013
3. Raheem Falkins. 3 stars. No. 50 in the nation. Class of 2013
4. OJ Howard. 5 stars. No. 1 in the nation. Class of 2013

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