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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Alabama Depth Chart: DEFENSIVE LINE

2012 Depth Chart

Defensive End

1. Damion Square, Sr.

  • Square came to Alabama in the class of 2008 from Houston, Tx as a 4 star prospect who could've gone most anywhere in the country. He chose Bama over Texas A&M and has been a starter the last couple seasons. He's a very quotable guy and is proving to be one of our leaders this year. His twitter handle is @squareboy92 and he is a good one to follow
          A few nuggets:

"Whenever I get my hands on the QB, I try to make it as ugly as possible"
"We don't want you to ever see the endzone. By any means necessary. That's our mindset"

1. Ed Stinson, Jr.

  • Stinson was part of the class of 2009 class. Out of Miami, FL, he was only a 3 star prospect, and was originally committed to Florida St before switching to Alabama. He has been a solid backup for the last couple seasons and now gets his turn to shine on the other side from Square

2. Jeoffrey Pagan, So.

  • Pagan was a huge recruit in the class of 2011. He is from Ashville, NC, and was expected to end up at Clemson, but spurned them at the end of the process and chose the Tide. He saw the field as a true freshman last year, and has been singled out many times by Square as a young guy who is expected to be the next big star after the older guys move on. I expect Pagan to have a year, this year, much like Marcel Dareus in 2009. He and Stinson will rotate in and out and I expect Pagan to be more the big play impact guy that will go into the 2013 season as one of the best in the SEC

2. Quinton Dial, Sr.

  • While Dial is listed on the depth chart that Alabama released today behind Square on that side, I think he is more likely to rotate in with the previous 3 guys more often, and Square is most likely to stay on the field the most of any of these 4 guys. Dial originally signed with Alabama in 2009 out of Clay-Chalkville High School, but failed to qualify and had to go JUCO. He came back to Alabama last year and looks to be an above average player. I wish he had a couple more years, cause he could be a star, but alas, this will be his one big shot to play as much as possible. I think he's a draftable prospect, but he certainly could've done with having another year than he does have

Nose Tackle

1. Jesse Williams, Sr.

2. Brandon Ivory, So.

  • Ivory was a lightly recruited prospect from the cesspool of Memphis in 2010. But he was freaking huge, at 6-3, 330, and Saban saw him as the future clog in the middle. He has been the understudy of Williams all fall and will most likely replace him next season

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