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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Carson Tinker Granted Scholarship!!!!! (Plus Practice Notes And Stuff)

Carson Tinker Granted Scholarship

Carson Tinker, y'all!!!! It is about damn TIME! Carson is one of the best guys we have at that university, and this has been a long time coming for a guy that has worked his ass off and given everything to the team. A totally team first guy, and everyone knows about his personal loss in the tornado, when his girlfriend was ripped out of his arms and killed. Carson said that it was an answered prayer and when asked how he responded to it, he said that he gave Nick Saban a hug, but he thought that made Saban feel a little awkward. LOL. Roll Carson!!

Practice Starts Back!
I know. I get entirely too excited about this stuff. But after the team took TWO DAYS off, it seems like forever since I've had something to really write about

Jalston Fowler is looking more and more like he is gonna be SUCH a huge part of this offense. He is so versatile. He could be a fullback, but has enough speed to be the go to tailback if necessary. He has also practiced alot at TE and H-Back. Saban said today that Jalston is gonna run the ball alot this year, no matter what position he is in, so I expect to see him busting heads on a regular basis. Jerome Bettis 2.0 

As far as the RB group as a whole, Saban said that all the guys were gonna play this year and have a role. That includes Fowler, Eddie Lacy, TJ Yeldon, Dee Hart, AND Kenyan Drake. People are overlooking Drake, but he has done really well in practice so far and, like Yeldon, is also a true freshman. 

Saban said they are ALL gonna play


Eddie Lacy with his ankle wrapped today.
As far as injuries go, Lacy, Amari Cooper, and backup center Ryan Kelly are out for the rest of this week, but Saban said they all will be fine next week. We shall see. I'm mainly skeptical about Lacy, as I have stated before. I really don't believe he will stay healthy enough to tote the rock as much as Trent Richardson did. So I think this is the reason we are developing all of the RB's and why they are all being prepared to play. Long story short, I think we are gonna be very good at this position, regardless of what Lacy does. Average RB's could do well enough to get by with the offensive line we have 

Ranzell Watkins is looking like a walk-on that could have a role similar to what we saw from Will Lowery the last couple years. Smart player who will probably contribute in the secondary

Eddie Williams remains at safety, so at this point I am going to assume this is a permanent move. He looked like Julio Jones at WR, but oh well, I'm sure he'll be great at S. He was rated as one of the top 5 safeties in the nation coming out of high school, after all

Today, they started preparations for the first 3 opponents. The 3rd opponent is a pansy who we have made our bitch since Saban arrived, so I'm not worried about any of the first 3 games

Saban said that AJ will continue to be our holder on FG's. Said he is the best holder we have, so...


"School starts tomorrow. That's really important to these guys. That's why they come here" - Nick Saban, pretending the academics is THE REASON top recruits choose Bama. LOL. Obviously, that's not to say we AREN'T one of the best places in the country academically. The proof of that is RIGHT HERE

"It's like tackling a moving train" - Dee Milliner, on Jalston Fowler. I'm telling you. Fowler is going to be a BEAST this year

"September 1st is judgment day. I'm coming to give them Michigan DB's hell" - Amari Cooper. GOD. I love this dude so much already. Can't wait

"How important is it to you to be exceptional?" - Saban's overall message to the team this year. I like that

"Kid can do everything" - Fowler, on TJ Yeldon. I can not STOP about how excited I am about TJ. Suck it, Barners. Suck it long and suck it hard

"Nobody is selfish. Every day I come into the sports complex, I feel good cause I'm around good people. The personality is just upbeat and positive. That's the first thing you always wanna be around when you play this sport, because it's a team sport" - Chance Warmack. 

Players On Their Opinions Of Each Other

"He just has that Texas swag. Everybody gets along with D Square. He has no ememies. He's just a good guy to be around. He's just smooth. He's debonair, if you want to say that"  - Michael Williams, on his opinion that Damion Square is the coolest guy on the team

Williams and Barrett Jones both said that WR Christion Jones is the funniest guy on the team. He can do impressions of everyone and does them all the time, apparently. I'd love to hear that

Barrett Jones was everyone's pick for the smartest guy on the team. He has two degrees already, so who could object?

When asked who was the toughest guy on the team, Chance Warmack said that EVERYONE is tough on that team. Great answer. Barrett Jones said that you wouldn't want to run into DJ Fluker in a dark alley. At 6-6 330 lbs, and size 22 shoes, he is an intimidating S.O.B.

Brent Calloway and Christion Jones are the singers on the team. Williams says that Malcome Faciane "Tries to sing". LOL

The dancers on the team are DeAndrew White and Blake Sims

Jesse Williams is without question the strongest since he was on film benching 600 pounds last month

Bradley Sylve, Amari Cooper, and Kenny Bell were all voted as the fastest

Other Random Stuff

Nick Saban said today that he likes to play air guitar on his boat while listening to The Eagles, Hootie And The Blowfish, and Michael Jackson. Awesome

Saban also said that he used the Tyrann Mathieu situation as a teaching tool for his players. A case study in how NOT to be a dumbass, basically

ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit picks Alabama to win the SEC, but does NOT have us in the BCS National Championship Game. I agree with the first part, but EVERYONE knows the SEC champ will be in the national title game. I mean, come ON! Can't really complain about being ranked so highly by everyone though. We will be every year while Saban in around

Yahoo Sports says that Alabama has the best coaching staff in the country. Of course, we already knew this. You can read what they have to say HERE

UMGoBlog  posted on twitter last night that Dee Hart was considering tranferring from Alabama. They need to mind their own business and worry about protecting Denard without a halfway decent offensive line and stop trying to start shit. Dee is not transferring, and if he is, he hasn't told anyone, so UMGoBlog can go to Hell

A Bunch Of Links To Stories About Michigan, if you are interested

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AJ McCarron And His Sense Of Humor Raymond Anthony McCarron, Jr. has become my favorite player on the team by FAR. L O V E him. Like man-love, almost gay, love. It's kinda creepy. And weird. Very weird. I know I need help.

Not sure which one I'm more jealous of. Roll Tide

Credit to al.com, TideSportsLiving Crimson, Andrew Gribble, oanow.com Roll Tide Daily and Laken Litman for all the info on our favorite team. These are all great people to follow

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