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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bama Commit Darius Paige (Barners whining)

Darius Paige is an Alabama commit who recently transferred from his old high school in Florida to Foley High in Alabama. 

The problem is that his former coach and athletic director have both accused Alabama assistant coach Jeremy Pruitt of steering Paige to Foley to help him become eligible

Well, so what if he did? There's nothing wrong with a coach giving a kid advice on how to help him do better in school and be eligible. According to THIS ARTICLE, Paige moving to Foley would help him and it is all legit.

So keep whining Barners

It ain't no different than Rueben Foster transferring to Auburn High School and being persuaded by those criminals Troop and Loop and their sons at AU High to switch his commitment.

All is fair in love and recruiting

"Not only does this transfer appear to be on the up and up, but the explanation given is even commendable. If a kid needs to play catch-up with the eligibility requirements, you'd much rather he do it in a regular classroom" - John Infante, who writes a blog about NCAA rules

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