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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Alabama Depth Chart: RUNNING BACK

2012 Depth Chart

1. Eddie Lacy, Jr.
2. TJ Yeldon, Fr.
3. Jalston Fowler, Jr.
4. Dee Hart, rFr
5. Kenyan Drake, Fr.

Eddie Lacy returns as the expected next in line behind the last two All Americans in Ingram and Richardson. I love Eddie, think he's a great player, and hope that he picks up where Trent left off. He is my wife's favorite player and she gets mad at me for my pessimism, but I think his health issues are going to hamper him from completing the season as THAT guy. 

I think the true freshman stud Yeldon will be the immediate backup right away. In fact, he was taking the first team reps while Eddie was out with a sprained ankle or knee or something this last week in practice. I think it won't be long before Yeldon passes Lacy and becomes our go-to tailback sooner rather than later

Yeldon is a special talent, much like Ingram, Richardson, and Lacy. Yeldon was the MVP of the spring game, as an early enrollee. I mean, this guy should've still been in high school, getting ready for his senior prom and all that, but instead he graduated early and enrolled at Bama in January and got a GREAT head start. By all accounts, he is a good kid with alot of smarts and motivation and I just think he will be the main man for the next 3 years, starting with this one. 

Jalston Fowler is a huge, bruising Jerome Bettis type who could start for a number of SEC teams. Saban has openly praised him throughout fall practice and said that Fowler will be on the field and get the ball as much as possible, even if that means lining him up at TE or H-back, or even fullback in the I-Formation. These are things that have been worked on in practice the last couple weeks. I would die of joy if we came out in the Michigan game with Lacy and Yeldon on the field in the I, and Fowler with them in the TE position in motion or something. 

Dee Hart was rumored to be considering a transfer over the summer, but those rumors have faded and he appears to be set at Bama. He has done really well in practice as well, and is an awesome receiver out of the backfield. He had 5 receptions in the last scrimmage. This guy was a 5 star prospect who could've gone anywhere in the country, and in fact shunned Michigan to play for Bama instead. So I hope he gets on the field at some point in the first game

The other true freshman stud this season is Kenyan Drake. Drake is being totally overlooked because of Yeldon, but don't be surprised if he plays also and makes a push. The kid isn't much of a drop off from any of the other guys, if he is even a drop off at all. He has been as impressive as anyone in practice.

My God in HEAVEN, what an embarrassment of riches we have in our backfield this year, and for the next several at least

Running the ball is never going to be an issue with Saban in charge. Our yards per carry as a team has increased every year under Saban, from 4.0 in 07, to 4.8 in 08, 5.0 in 09, 5.1 on 10, and 5.5 last year

Don't expect that trend to take a downturn anytime soon.

This five headed monster we have is going to guarantee that we ALWAYS have a great running back on the field, with fresh legs, who is ready to punish the opposing defense. When the other team is gasping for air towards the end of the game, we will have fresh runners to plug in and run all over and around them

God, I love this group of guys so much. We just have so much talent, and of every different types

Pick your poison, Nick. With the best offensive line in the country this season, and one of the best in Bama history, we will be damn near unstoppable on the ground. It should be an overwhelming, dominating, JOY to behold

The Future

1. Altee Tenpenny. 4 stars. No. 11 in the nation. Class of 2013
2. Tyren Jones. 4 Stars. No. 19 in the nation. Class of 2013

This train ain't stopping any damn time soon, y'all. Choo choo

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